Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wearing MY Shade of Orange

Orange is the "it" color of the season. I love that Pantone (the color people) have presented this optimistic orangey-red color to try to pick up our spirits, but...

But sometimes that "it" color is not our best color. I'm pretty sure most women would agree orange is pretty, bright and cheerful BUT can be hard to wear next to your face without looking washed out...especially this 'Tango Tangerine' (bright orange)!

Here is MY shade of orange and how I wore it...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's Your Excuse for Not Being Stylish?

Here is a recent email I received from a woman who had used every excuse in the book (is there really a book with excuses in it?) as to why she could NOT ever be stylish. Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

The truth is: you really can improve your life when you realize that looking good DOES include you. You will feel more confident, accept the skin you are in and oozes a positive attitude that will be contagious! What have you got to lose? Style is for you! You don't need the 'perfect' body, you don't have to be 'young and hot'...just show YOUR style and you'll rock! 


Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants  

What's your excuse for not being more stylish?

It's difficult to put into words a description of the transformation that occurred when I discovered you three years ago. I subscribed to several of the excuses you mentioned: no money, stay-at-home-mom, no money, trying to dress conservatively, and why get rid of clothes if they could possibly fit you someday, especially when you had "no" money? 

Since becoming a Smarty Pants SYSter, however, I discovered the liberation of purging my closet of clothes I no longer loved or which did not flatter me. You showed me how to dress for my body type and which colors complemented me. The change seemed expensive at first, as I did not even have correct-fitting basics, but I have to say that your advice is extremely economical, especially when you figure the cost-per-wear of each item! Today I have far fewer clothes than I have ever owned, and I still need to update my wardrobe. However, thanks to the motivation of looking great, I have also dropped 25 pounds! I have learned to shop much more efficiently by passing by items that would never flatter me! Again, I cannot adequately express all that you've done for me, but if I could, I'd give you a big hug! Thanks for this treasure of a service for us women! Sincerely, Corinne

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Color-mixed Adventure...

How adventurous are you when it comes to mixing colors in your wardrobe? Perhaps you don't use the word 'adventurous' when it comes to deciding what to you are going to wear...but in all honesty a sense of adventure means you are willing to make your dressing more fun!

Here is what I recently wore when I decided to get adventurous with my color mixing...

I mixed 4 colors into this one outfit. I realize this look might not be for everyone...but it expressed my mood. To me it says I'm happy warmer weather is here and I'm celebrating it with my style!

Are you ready and willing to get adventurous with your wardrobe color-mixing? What colors do you love mixing together?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Camibands! An MSP Exclusive Offer!

A MissusSmartyPants Exclusive Offer!

Dear SYSters,

You know how crazy I am for wearing ‘one item, three ways’…

Well, lately I’ve been loving my Camiband! What’s a Camiband?

It’s a stretchy band you can wear 3 different ways!


(I’m wearing a size s/m and I’m a size 8 pant)

A Camiband solves your dressing dilemmas:

1. Top too low (gives you clever cleavage coverage). Nothing worse than seeing too much of the girls, LOL! (Mine is in 'animal print')

2. Top too short (gives you coverage so your tummy and backside won’t be accidently exposed)

3. Pull it down to cover over a swimsuit bottom.

4. Wear it as an instant infinity scarf (my creation, see below). Great for when you travel and the back of your neck gets chilly in restaurants and on long air flights.

Leave it to women to creatively solve our dressing dilemmas! The Camiband was created by my friend, Holly! She has kindly offered an exclusive offer to all my MSP SYSters:

Buy any Camiband and add to the customer feedback box “MSP sent me” just before checkout and you will get one of these pretty lace headbands included with your order!

Get that layered look without wearing
all the layers that make you too HOT!

A Camiband is a style tool that can solve lots of your dressing dilemmas! I love mine and I think you will love it too!

Love, Leslie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Check out my NEW shoes! I love 'em!

Well, I've been shopping again. I know I should slow down and stick with my shopping plan instead...

But, sometimes a girl has just got to do a little impulse buying!!!

How could I resist? At my local mall there's this big kiosk that sells every style and color of Crocs. It's like a rainbow of crocs and it's so hard to choose. But after looking over the huge variety for sale... I picked PINK ones!

Here is a picture of my new shoes...
Cute, huh? 
Plastic, boxy and will look wonderful with a pencil skirt!


Brighten Up Your Wardrobe With Color!

This season it's all about wearing brighter colors. Personally I can't think of a more uplifting way to welcome the beginning of spring than to brighten up a wardrobe with more color!

This is what I wore when I spent a lovely day with family. We went to see Hunger Games and then had lunch outside on the patio of a nice restaurant. It was a delightful day!

Bright colors are like getting a vitamin shot! 
I hope you are wearing bright colors in your spring wardrobe too! 4 Steps to Chic 4 Steps to Chic by mspsmartypants featuring summer handbags Junya Watanabe black and white striped tee matchesfashio...