Sunday, February 16, 2014

MissusSmartyPants This Week: How To Wear It Right

Dear MSP SYSters, 

I'm asking for your help this week. I need your burning style questions/dilemmas. I'm going to answer as many as I can of them. 

This week's style article (located for all body type Personal Profile members) will be chalked full of style questions, dressing issues with my answers of "how to wear it right"! I'll be sure to have lots of photos and explanations.

Please email me your style questions to: (Thanks, Leslie)

For starters: I'm often asked the best way to choose your wardrobe colors. Well, to start with, choose colors that are pleasing to your coloring (your skin, eye, and hair color). You should then next consider creating color combinations by choosing color across the color wheel or those right next door. 

I found this cool graphic to explain just what I mean!

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