Tuesday, March 20, 2018

4 Steps to Chic

4 Steps to Chic
1. Start with a feminine top

2. Pair with classy slacks

3. Ground with bold shoes

4. Finish with statement earrings

Stripe top
$15 - prettylittlething.com.au

Temperley London pants
$975 - temperleylondon.com

Prada zipper tote
$1,535 - ssense.com

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ABC's of Style

Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be. I know I'm guilty of doing this all the time. I find it's my need for perfection that leads me to know everything about something...before I even dare take one-step forward. As this new year unfolds-I'm working hard to stop doing this!!!!

Instead of a complete third degree investigation-I'm opening my eyes and my mind and just getting in there and DOING IT. Whatever it is that's new to me, I'm going forward and learning as a go. 

Most of this "wait and figure it out" attitude pops up its ugly head when it come is to learning new technology. I hesitate to push buttons and easily get frustrated. However, on the flip side, when it comes to my fashion-I'll take lots of chances and try (just about) anything!

My "I'll do it" attitude is full-on go with my style! Stop and take a look at your style choices. Question what you are wearing. Are your outfits daring or creative? Are they colorful? Are they innovative and unique-or do the lean towards the boring side? What changes in attitude can you make in order to improve your style?

Here's a quick way to move your style forward in 2018...Use the ABC's of style every time you dress.  Let me know your thoughts and challenges as we begin this new year together.

Need more style suggestions and help for dressing for your body's shape? 

Friday, December 15, 2017

HAIR: Our Crowning Glory

Hair, our crowning glory-or is it?

Embracing Our Hair....

It's too thick, or perhaps it's too thin, too curly, or as straight as can be... Yes. It's hair we are talking about and its not always our 'crowning glory'.

Many of us (me included) are guilty of working against our natural hair texture. A few weeks back this sign at my hairdresser's salon really made me ponder about our struggles with our hair:

 "Life is an endless struggle filled with frustrations and challenges...
but eventually you find a hairstyle you like" 

Yes, the struggle is real when it comes to working with or accepting our hair.

QUESTION: Have you embraced your hair's natural color and texture? 
Or do you endlessly color and straighten (or curl) it? How much effort and money are you willing spend on hairstyle management?


Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

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