Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Be yourself. Find the pieces that work for you and make you feel good about yourself." ~Max Azria

(Nordstrom: Donna Ricco Stretch Cotton Party Dress)

This is such good style advice: Find what works for you and wear it! Dah...sometimes the advice is so obvious, but not everyone is taking it. We've all heard: don't try to be something you're not...well, don't try to dress like something you're not either! Be YOU. Wear what you like...but be sure to choose from styles that are flattering for you as well. That way you will look great and feel great. Dressing like a frump never feels good (even though some days at home in our sweats sounds like a pretty good option).

For me, I'm most comfortable and feel good when I'm wearing a dress or skirt. I find this to be the case mostly when the weather is warm. In the winter it's pants just about every day. 

I don't like prints much either. I typically pick out something that is in solid fabric vs. a printed one. I do have a couple of dresses and blouses that are prints, but I honestly don't wear them much because I don't feel as good in them. (Perhaps at the end of summer I should consider editing them out of my closet if I don't wear them). I'm always on the lookout for casual-chic looks that include dresses and skirts instead of the typical shorts and capri looks. 

What about you? What pieces of clothing do you feel most comfortable in, and why?

Friday, June 22, 2012

What to wear when you have heavy thighs

None of us have a 'perfect' shape. However, some of us have learned the tricks to making ourselves appear more balanced. It's all about knowing which clothing styles to choose for your shape.

One problem area for many women is a full hip and/or larger thighs. While clothes certainly can not 'magically' remove our extra weight, they most certainly can help us appear more balanced and therefore slimmer.

Pick the right jacket length! The first thought might be to try and cover-up large thighs. But what happens is when you wear a longer are drawing the eye right to your problem area! Compare the images below to see what I mean.

On the left: BAD jacket length (too long) 
On the right: GOOD jacket length (stops above the full-hip area).  

See what a positive impact the right jacket length can make?

Don’t wear jackets (or tops) longer than mid-hip length. A jacket that stops at the widest part of your hip will draw attention there by creating a horizontal line where the jacket ends. 

I hope this style tip gets you in your closet. Try on all your jackets and tops and assess the length of each of them. Remove the ones that are too long.

Love, Leslie

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Too much 'mix and match' creates a big mess!

That's right. Too much 'mix and match' creates a big mess!

Dressing is like cooking. If you continually shop and buy clothes 'just because' and without a plan, then you are just wasting money. You'll never have a really terrific wardrobe because you have not planned out a basic wardrobe or invested in essential wardrobe items.

It's like having random ingredients and you want to bake something. The problem is you don't have the RIGHT ingredients...therefore you can make NOTHING!!! 

STOP buying so many cute trendy items just because they are on clearance!!!!

You only need one or two dresses like this....

(photo: Nordstrom)

Your money is better spent on several dresses like this...(you can wear it more often)

Of course a classic dress style in a pretty color never hurts!

All the odds and ends, mix and match items...don't add up to much! It's the basic wardrobe that allows you create that fantastic wardrobe you desire.

Need help creating a basic wardrobe? Try one of my Personal Profiles at MissusSmartyPants and learn how to create that wardrobe you desire. Learn to dress based upon your body shape + get my list of 'Wardrobe Basics'.

Love, Leslie

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