Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Dear SYSters,

It's been quite the day. Busy with meetings and unfortunately technical issues!!!

We are still working on getting your "reminder" emails sent out...however, you CAN login and view the latest Style Article and weekly Shopping Guides.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Wishing you all a fashionable rest of the week.

Love to all, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm Loving Skinny Belts!

Lately I've been wearing my skinny belts... A LOT. They seem to be just the accessory I need. Whatever I have on...I say to myself, "Why not add a skinny belt to this?" and the answer 9 times out of 10 is "good idea"!

Don't just wear a sweater and dress...ADD a skinny belt to it. 
It's the skinny belt that pulls together the whole look....
Wearing a skinny belt creates texture, adds some layering interest, gives waist-definition and sometimes a fun pop of color.

Here's what I'm wear my skinny belts with:
  • classic cardigans
  • fly-away sweaters
  • blazers (belted over the top or under "peeking out")
  • knit or woven blouses
  • basic dresses 
  • long tunics

It's the added bit of waist definition that seems to make all the difference. Instead of the top and bottom just coming together...the waist gets highlighted with the skinny belt and it magically "balances" my shape! It's easy, yet makes so much style sense.

The beauty of a skinny belt is it can be worn by so many different shaped women. No need for a "perfect" really! If you are short-waisted, a bit undefined in the torso or have a full'll often find a belt that is too wide "messes up" your body's proportions....whereas a SKINNY belt will be just right! Give the skinny belt a try-on.

I was at Target again yesterday... (Yes, I'm aware I go there often. Ya know, I didn't ask them to build it so close to my house, LOL) well, while at the store, I saw lots of adorable skinny belts hanging on the racks: animal prints (black/white, brown/black) there were bright pinks and yellows too...there were skinny belts for every wardrobe and budget! So, if you have a Target near you check out the accessory department for'll probably buy one. (Me, I have enough I looked for you. Yes, that's how I roll: I look for YOU)

It's starting to get cool here. 
This is the last weekend for wearing my sandals (mid-70's)
I'm going to start wearing this dress with my brown or black boots...

Go skinny! Let this fun affordable accessory help balance your shape while you add just the right touch to everything you wear!

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