Sunday, April 25, 2010

Motivated by Style!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we all say we want to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But are we really going to do what it takes to make it happen? To live a healthier lifestyle you need to include regular exercise. Everyone knows that. But the hardest part of exercising is getting started!

One way the best ways to get inspired to exercise is to start with cute and stylish exercise clothes! It really works. Replace those ugly baggy shirts and sweats for something bright and colorful! Your enthusiasm for better health will begin when you dress the part!

Here are some sassy style tips for your new healthier lifestyle:

Try wearing light layers to help slim your torso. First wear a body skimming exercise tank with shelf bra to minimize jiggles. Next, wear a slim fitting zip-up hoodie over the top. Leave the hoodie half-zipped up for a flattering V at the neckline. Such a cute style--and so figure-friendly too!

Wear a supportive bra even under your tanks and stylish tees. Nothing is more annoying than your bust bouncing to and fro while you exercise! Go for an extra layer of support and you’ll be able to exercise with confidence (which means you can workout harder)!

Choose body slimming colors and styles. Look for the perennial body slimming favorite color—BLACK. Black is so fabulous for hiding those “jiggly parts”! Select styles that have vertical lines down the sides of the pants and under the arms of the shirts--so slimming. Long workout pants will give you the longest line and are the best choice if your legs are heavy too.

Workout pants, crops and capris should be of a stretch fabric and a dark matte finish (avoid shiny fabrics). A boot-cut with a wide waist band will work for most body types.Invest in good quality workout pants--you'll be so glad you did!

For workout pants in cropped lengths, the best length is right below your knee—AVOID pants that stop at the widest part of your calf or crops that are too full and too long.Too long and too full--ADDS visual pounds ladies!!!

Now that you have some tips of how to look stylish while you work-out…I know you will make exercise part of your healthy routine!

Love, Leslie Gonzales AKA MissusSmartyPants helps women dress their best! Check out her website for more information

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get on the best dressed list!

 Want to be on the best dressed list? Wondering why your style might be missing the mark?

One of the most important aspects of dressing well (and what MissusSmartyPants is all about) is learning what styles flatter your body shape. Not every style works for every woman. Knowing the difference is what will set your style apart from the masses.

Another important part of dressing well is to only wear clothes that fit you correctly. Clothes that are too baggy, or too tight will only make you appear out of proportion and often larger than you really are! Just think about it for a minute, when the sleeves on your shirt are too long---you just look sloppy! Learning (and practicing) the basics of fit and proportion will really take your style up a notch. 

But sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference in your appearance. Use these five quick style tips to get on the best dressed list:

  1. Have the side pockets of your pants sewn shut. They can “puff” out and make you appear 5 pounds heavier, plus bring unwanted attention to your hips.

  1. Check your posture. Stand up straight and suck in the tummy—you will automatically look slimmer. Make this a conscious effort each day…and see what happens.

  1. Always use a full length mirror before you go out the door. Better yet, look in a three-way mirror…people DO see you from all angles--and you should too!

  1. Shop during the week. The stores are better stocked from the weekend and you will get the help you deserve. Less chance of impulse buys when you take your time and think through your purchases.

  1. Shop alone. You will focus more on your needs. Take your MissusSmartyPants Personal Profile shopping guides with you. You won’t get side-tracked and can take the time to find clothes that are the most flattering for YOU!

Love, Leslie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So dang cute...I just had to share!

So dang cute...I just had to share! I just purchased a pair of shoes I love, love love!
Since it was such a beautiful day...(see my picture of my backyard below to prove my point) I had to pause and share my shoes with you!

Last week when I was shopping with a client...and I spotted these dandy little gladiators. We were in Nordstrom's shoe department...and I couldn't help but notice a pair of gladiators out on display with both the left & right (not just the ONE shoe sample). Really, c'mon you couldn't help but notice them because they were in a BIG size. Kinda sticking out like a sore thumb. Ah, yes MY size! A size 10 out on display, go figure! Certainly after seeing all the size 6's or 7's out on's really obvious when a size 10 is out! Of course one large pair of shoes on display means it's the LAST PAIR!

I don't normally shop for myself with a fact that's a big "no-no"'s HER day and it's all about her. However, I've been blessed to have many repeat clients and this was one of them. Since we were waiting on my shoe selection for her to be brought out from the back...I simply tried them on knowing I'd love them. Well, I ended up wearing them ALL day at the mall. It was rather funny, all day long various sales people commented on how "cute" my shoes were and asked where I got them. We had lots of laughs and ended up with lots of wonderful clothes to refresh her closet!Yes, my new "glads" are fabulous and I've worn them a lot since.

My hubby thinks I'm nuts (whose hubby doesn't think that of his wife?) wearing them almost everywhere we go (except the gym..but they might work for that too...). He was nice enough to take these pictures of my "fab" shoes so I could share with you. Actually, he saw me trying to snap a picture of my feet and decided he'd better help out, LOL!

Don't you just love this new tan color for neutral...and leg legthening! And how about the snazzy way they zip up? Got to love that too! Okay, rant about shoes is over now. Thanks for listening y'all! Feel free to share your fashion "fabs" with me! I love a good story about shoes!

Here is a link to MY shoes, in case you'd like a pair:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who says a mini skirt is no longer appropriate?

How do you know when styles and trends are no longer appropriate for you? Is there a magic number or age to tell you when to purge that mini skirt? What does the term “age appropriate mean, anyways? With the new philosophy of “50” being the new “40”—can’t you pretty much wear whatever you want?

The guidelines for age appropriate dressing are no longer so clean cut. It’s more difficult to decide what is appropriate-but on the flip side—this means there are more style options.  What you wear is a matter of personal choice; however you still need to be careful not to dress too young or too trendy—or you will look like you are trying too hard.

More and more women want to dress stylish and look their best--no matter their age.  One of the best ways to up-date your look is to inventory your wardrobe and remove old dated styles (like tapered pants with pleats). When you wear outdated styles it will certainly make you look older, so removing “old” styles from your wardrobe will update YOU.

Women want to wear clothes they like, and feel confident in. A majority of women do not want to dress like their sixteen-year-old and they know they shouldn’t--thank goodness! On the other side of the coin, women who are over forty are fearful of dressing like their mature mothers! Where is the stylish middle ground between dressing too young and looking matronly?

Let’s examine ourselves, our style and our closet with the tips below. This will help you negotiate the trends in the stores and still be age appropriate as well:

__How current is your hairstyle? (Your hair is a critical part of your overall look) Are you still stuck in a style moment that has past? Hairstyles are like cars—they may still work, but you must go in for a regular tune-up! Learn modern techniques of hair care and at least “tweak” the style you have. A good hairstylist to recommend a new hair style and color if you are stuck in a rut.

__Remember there are no written rules: always wear clothes that you feel confident in.

__You can’t go wrong with a tailored blazer, some darker jeans and cute shoes you really like! This combination always looks good—no matter your age!

__Realize that young twenty year olds DO have more style choices.

__Conservative clothes can be alluring.

__Women that put more effort into their appearance are more self-confident.

__Dressing like your teenage daughter makes you appear desperate and older! Embrace your age—younger gals will envy you—and your confidence!

__The concept of aging is constantly being re-defined and you should continually re-define your wardrobe too!

__Honestly figure out what no longer suits you and find out what does. Do you have a great looking neckline, calves, arms, or earlobes? Whatever it is, show it off!

__Really nice shoes and a handbag, always make you look first-rate. Splurge, if you can on one item that makes you feel fabulous!

__Try MissusSmartyPants favorite style tip: dress monochromatic. It is always slimming and all you need is add a funky necklace or other unique accessory as a focal point!

__Go easy on a trend. Be careful not to overdue a good thing. Only one piece denim, or if going boho chic, don’t wear the peasant skirt and top, sparkly slip-on shoes and big earrings! Just a touch of a trend is all you need!

__Accept that some styles are just not right for your body type. Find the right fit for your shape and you’ll feel like a million bucks!!

See, it’s really not that hard to dress well--no matter your age.

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Look Hot in White

 Not a size 6 but wondering if you can wear white pants and pull it off?

This warm weather dilemma haunts lots of women. Most women are afraid of white pants because they can show every bump and bulge and may be more of a “fashion faux pas” than a fashion “do”.

Lots of women cling to the color black like a security blanket (it is so slimming, you know) and can’t let go! Afraid to try something beside black bottoms? You are not alone.

I am a wondering if white pants will make me look even bigger? I am a bit overweight but I would love to wear white pants or shorts. With warmer weather on the way I’d love to know how to wear white and look good.

I am a body type D, by the way.

Thanks for your help, Sylvia

Dear Sylvia,

This question pops up every spring/summer!

White is a great color to wear in the warmer summer months. White is light, bright and contrasts nicely with black and every bright color: lime, fuchsia, royal blue, sunny yellow, etc.

YOU can wear white pants, no matter your size! It’s a matter of finding the right white pants for you. The fit and style must be right.

Here are some tips to get you looking fabulous in white pants:

  • Look for flat-front styles. NO PLEATS. Keep your style simple. Flat fronts keep you look smooth under all your shirts.

  • Thinner fabrics like linens, silks, rayon-blends should ALWAYS be lined.

  • The best choices for white pants/shorts are thicker fabrics. I like twills and a classic 5-pocket style. The thicker fabrics can give shape and structure to your shape.

  • Look for pants with wider waistbands. A wide waistband of at least one and a half inches and in a firmer fabric helps minimize and hold in a tummy.

  • White pants/shorts with side/slash pockets should be sewn shut. The “poofy” gaping pockets add attention and visual weight to your lower half!  Also remove pocket linings that show through. (They bring unwanted attention and you aren’t going to use your pockets anyways!)

  • Choose a boot-cut style to balance out a tummy or larger hip area. This style makes your white pants look ultra-slimming!

  • Last but not least…this is NOT the day to wear your underwear with the little pink flowers!!! DO NOT wear white underwear under white! This outlines your underwear—not a look you want! Wear underwear as close to your natural skin color that you can find. Consider a Spanx or other brand of panty shaper underneath for the smoothest look.

  • White capris look best when worn with a heeled sandal or wedge shoe...
Remember; wear your white pants with a strong contrasting color (mentioned above). Or, go monochromatic (all white from head-to-toe) then add a colorful chunky necklace (maybe a shell necklace?) + cute colorful sandals to complete your on-trend outfit.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm loving these!!!

Look what I just bought!!! And I'm lovin' 'em!!!

I just purchased these online. I think the rounded toe, bright orange color and super-comfy plastic will make my size 10 feet look just "ducky"!!!

Of course my "duck" feet will look great with shorts, but I'm thinking a pencil skirt or flirty summer skirt will be "fab" too!

Do you have any other suggestions of how I can where my bright orange crocs? How about an evening wedding this spring? Looking for more "stylish" suggestions....

4 Steps to Chic

1. Start with a feminine top 2. Pair with classy slacks 3. Ground with bold shoes 4. Finish with statement earrings ...