Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do's & Don'ts for Summer Style

Show your style this summer. It's easy to do with these quick tips...regardless of how hot it is outside! (Okay, it's pretty darn hot, but still I'd have to say these tips will help!)

Do wear white this summer-it’s cool and refreshing! But be sure to wear nude-colored undergarments underneath. Do not wear white underwear or cute flower printed underwear—because they will show through!

Ah, yes the print will show through...wear ONLY nude undies under your whites...

Don’t wear a bathing suit top that does not have enough coverage. Don’t let the “girls” go unsupported! Go full coverage, get outside and enjoy.

Do find the right bra for the type of shirt or sundress you are wearing. Avoid straps peeking out by selecting a racer-back, a strapless, a convertible bra, or a bra with clear straps-there are so many choices select one that works for what you are wearing!

Get the right bra for the job! Undergarments are called that for a reason, LOL!
Don’t over-do a style! Example: too much denim! Only 1 piece at a time-easy does it! Wear khakis with your jean jacket. Only farmer John should be head-to-toe in denim! I've also heard the double-denim look called the "Canadian Tuxedo" a woman from Canadian heritage I say very funny y'all!

Even Britney and K-fed couldn't pull of the double-denim look!

Do look fashionable this summer and only spending a little! The cheapest way to up-date your look is to update your accessories! Buy an inexpensive straw tote (on sale everywhere). These popular carry-alls in bright colors will grab all the attention. No one with notice last year’s shorts-when they are admiring your cute bag that costs only ten bucks!

Don’t wear boots with short-shorts--ever! It’s not working, so you shouldn’t look like you are! LOL! Each summer there’s always someone that thinks they can pull this off-FYI…No you can’t!

Which season are you in, huh? Nothing but style confusion with this look!

Do try the new longer shorts for work! Pick shorts that are of a dressy fabric and tailored. Top off with a nice fitted knit top and a long matching necklace and some slip-on shoes with at least 1” heel. Be the one with style in your casual office!

Don’t be a stuffed sausage! Don’t wear shorts that are too tight, they create unsightly horizontal lines. Get the proper fit--and style for your body shape! 

Also, wear a more appropriate short length!!!

 Do wear sunglasses! There are some fun new styles out there! Feel like a movie star with the larger square-shaped ones. (Make them wonder which celebrity you are!)

 Don’t forget to drink you water! Your complexion will look much better when you are hydrated. Who doesn’t want to look younger or healthier while beating the heat?
 Do take MissusSmartyPants’ advice and give yourself a “face-lift” with a new hairstyle! If your hair is feeling un-styled, tired and hot on your neck...update with a new sassy ‘do!

Do get out and enjoy time with your family this summer! You look great, so you’ll feel great too!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Go Sleeveless!

Its summertime...and it’s hot and humid. 

When it comes to clothing, light and airy makes us feel cooler when the temperature soars.

Going sleeveless is even better. However, when women think of going sleeveless…most panic at the thought of exposing their upper arms! Well, I’ve got good news for you…you’re not alone. According to a recent Dove deodorant survey only 8% of women feel confident enough to do so!

So, how can you go sleeveless if your arms are large, untoned and keep wiggling when you wave? Or perhaps you have the opposite problem and feel your arms are too skinny to expose? How DO you wear sleeveless styles when your upper arms aren't anything close to Jillian Michaels?

Yes, she's got some impressive 'guns'!
But, so what if you're not as fit as Jillian Michaels! 
Who says you HAVE to be??? Huh?

Me, MissusSmartyPants is here to say anyone can go sleeveless--if they want! You may not like your upper arms, but then there are other parts of your body you are probably critical of as well. Many women complain about their bottoms, thighs and tummies too. In fact, there are lots of other “parts” that we can get down right depressed about. However, the truth is very few women really have “perfect” bodies. It is better to learn self-acceptance and a few style techniques to help your body appear more in proportion—including your upper arms.

STOP waiting for your arms to be miraculously toned and in shape. There is only so much you can do anyways. Heredity has played a part in your natural tendency for heavy upper arms, muscular arms or skinny arms. It is much better to work with what you have and it’s a far cooler alternative too. So just go with it ladies.

Yes, we can eat less and workout more, but in reality we need to work with what we've got!

With the heat on, our best plan is to make our arms look as good as we can. First, we need a more self-accepting attitude, plus we’ll use some clever diversionary tactics as well. It’s time to focus on what we can change, instead of what we wish we could change…

1. Look for sleeveless shirts and tops that emphasize the neckline, collarbones and/or show off a hint of cleavage. Look for deep V-necks (layering in contrasting colors is good too), beaded detailing, bright colored trim, etc. This draws the eye AWAY from your arms and to other prettier parts of your body.

(Photo: Chadwicks)

2. Tie loosely at the neckline a coordinating cardigan or lightweight shirt over a sleeveless tee. This will cover the tops of the upper arms and “frame” your face. This is particularly a good idea for those with smaller to average upper bodies.

3. Another equally effective diversionary tactic includes the use of jewelry. Wear an eye-catching necklace, or pull your hair back and wear some fantastic dangle earrings. Bring the attention to your neck and face—thus away from your arms.

(Photo: Chadwicks)
4. If you have heavy upper arms, avoid cap sleeves or any shirt that cuts across the heaviest part. You’re better sleeveless than a shirt that hits at the fullest part.

5. Keep your shirt in proportion to help minimize heavy upper arms. This is the best way to “shrink” the appearance of heavy arms, pick a sleeveless tank, tee or shirt with thicker shoulder straps. A thicker strap helps balance a thicker upper body and arm. (Avoid thin spaghetti straps)

6. Give your arms some “glowing” color. Try a gradual tanning product to darken your skin a bit. Darker colors minimize, so naturally you will feel a bit more confident if your arms look “tan”.

7. If you are concerned about overly muscular arms and broad shoulders appearing too masculine—choose a sleeveless feminine top. A halter top or dress “softens” your angled silhouette. A halter style is “A” shaped and in an opposite shaped so it minimizes a muscular upper body.

8. If you feel your arms are two skinny sticks, wear sleeveless shirts with thicker straps. Something more substantial makes a thinner body appear thicker. Do not wear spaghetti straps because they emphasize how skinny your arms and upper body are.

9. If you do choose to wear sleeves, look for styles that “skim” over your arms. A thin gauzy ¾ sleeve is best for heavy arms.. Avoid baggy sleeves or sleeves that are too tight—both will draw attention to your arms and make them appear thicker.

(Photo: Nordstrom)

10. Less is more when it comes to sleeves. If you think a bit of coverage is better—think again! Having sleeves that cover the tops of heavy arms can actually add to their thickness and bring attention there.

11. Shirts that come close to the neck, but expose the outer shoulders often work magic for the upper arms. This style brings attention to the curve of the shoulders and not so much attention to the upper arms. Look for collared button-down sleeveless shirts to show your shoulders off.

Even though is may seem counter-productive to show your arms; it is often a better way to go. When you try too hard to “cover up” a part of your body you think needs “hiding”—you end up bringing attention to it.

Showing off your legs in a stylish sundress is likely to get more attention than your upper arms...
 (photo: Nordstrom)
Use diversionary tactics (show off great legs, etc.) when wearing sleeveless styles and get the attention elsewhere so you will be cool and stylish too!

Here’s to a stylish, cooler and confident summer.

Love, Your Fashion Stylist Leslie MSP

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