Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Share your favorite skincare products with us...

“Great skin is like a retirement account, the sooner you start the better”

How do you keep your skin looking its best? Do you have a special routine or a certain product (face wash or cleanser) you know is making a huge difference?

SHARE with us what you do to keep your skin looking fabulous. What do you love or do that makes your skin look so fabulous?

I'm looking forward to hearing about some new products or how YOU keep fabulous looking skin!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Long Makeup Lasts...and when to pitch it!

Ever have a nasty eye infection from using expired makeup? I have. It was pretty bad too.

I got said nasty eye infection from an eye cream that was suppose to "smooth fine lines and crows feet". Well, whatever. I ended up with a pus-inflamed red eye lid that looked like I had something contagious! I stayed home for DAYS people! If I would have seen someone like me (Cyclops) walking around town... I would have gathered up my small children and ran the other way--FAST!!!

The point is, don't take chances with makeup (especially anything that goes near your eyes). When it doubt--toss it out! I've always tossed questionable left-over food and milk past the expiration date without hesitation.  But, I guess sometimes a gal just has to learn things the HARD WAY! LOL!

I found this cool info-graph telling you when to toss it OUT!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

When is a bargain...really a bargain?

Recently I spent six long hours in a client’s closet. Her closet was so crammed full of clothes there was no way she could possibly add in one more shirt!

She contacted me to help her organize her closet and show her how to put outfits together. She was concerned about all the money she has spent on clothes—and yet she felt she had nothing to wear. Sound familiar?

When buying clothes for her wardrobe, my client had never thought about her body shape, coloring or actual wardrobe needs—instead her clothes were always impulsively purchased. Most of her clothes were purchased on SALE--because of this, many of them had become quickly outdated.

The main problem for this woman was that she had purchased “sale” clothes without any thought or plan in mind. She had become “sale-crazed” and purchased only “bargains”! A real wardrobe plan (that I was going to give her) was what this dear sweet woman really needed!

YOUR TURN....So, when is a bargain really a bargain? Share your 'bargain' or not so great 'bargain' stories with us!

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