Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Closet Clean Out Mission from FlyLady

 Great Closet Clean out Mission - Wednesday
Dear Friends,

Today we are going to go after the clutter that is stashed on the top
shelf of the closet. This can be dangerous, you have to be careful not
to pull out more than you can take care of in 15 minutes. It can also
be dangerous if you have things precariously piled up there. Only take
down one item at a time.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I need this
Do I love this
Do I use this
Does this belong here

Assess each item as you pull it down and either toss it, put it in the
give away bag or put it away where it belongs. If It truly belongs in
the top of the closet then simply put it back.

Need more help getting organized? Check out FlyLady's website

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspired to Make My Own DIY Scarf

After seeing so many creative food and crafty ideas on Pinterest, I figured I'd throw caution to the wind and actually make my own DIY T-shirt scarf!

It's funny how you get' pinning' all these niffy-crafty ideas to your 'boards' and THINK you've done something really wonderful...when in reality, all you've done is sat at the computer for 3 HOURS!!! LOL!

This crafty idea was actually quick and EASY to make! Grab an old T-shirt, then watch this DIY scarf tutorial from this blog:  Shwin&

My T-shirt scarf was not as 'fluffy' as the one in the tutorial. I think it is because my T-shirt material is thinner. But all said and done, I'd say mission accomplished!



  • To make, cut (16) 1" strips from an old t-shirt. 
  • Gather each one up individually and wrap it around your wrist to create a 'circle'. 
  • Attach the 'circles' together with extra thin t-shirt strips
  • Voila! there you have it: a DIY T-shirt scarf!
  • (It took approx. 15 minutes to complete)

There is also a DIY T-shirt necklace tutorial out there in the blogosphere...I think I need one of those too!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Powerful Color...

Got something important happening? A special meeting or event to attend? Want to dress to impress? Or are you feeling a bit down? If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions...then you need to wear a powerful RED!

When I'm wearing red, I feel 'powerful'. The only question now is: why don't I have more RED in my wardrobe?

This year I'm going to add more red into my wardrobe. I'm lucky red is part of my Seasonal Colors.

What is your favorite 'power' color to wear?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to salvage a broken lipstick

TRAGIC. That's the best word to describe the feeling I get when my favorite lipstick suddenly breaks.  

I've tried to explain how heartbroken I am when my favorite lipstick has just broken, but somehow my husband doesn't get it. He thinks I'm over re-acting. I don't know, screaming and crying seemed appropriate at the time. I could be since he doesn't wear lipstick...

I've shared previously how to 'fix' broken powered eye makeup before with this tip: link to fix eye makeup

Today, I'm sharing what I do when a lipstick "tragically" breaks. Don't throw it out! No, no, no!... Re-invent it like this...

Here’s what to do with your broken lipstick:

1. Put the lipstick into a microwave-safe dish. 

2. Mix into the lipstick: the contents of 1 pot of Carmex lip balm (can be purchased at any drug store). 
3. Microwave for about 30-45 seconds on low. 
4.Stir to mix and then spoon back into the lip balm pot and let cool.

Now you have a pretty tinted lip balm in your favorite color! It sure beats throwing out an expensive broken lipstick!

 Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mixing it up

I love to mix my 'high end' and 'low end' pieces into one outfit. High end items are something I've paid full price for and are quality garments. Low end items (can be top quality) are garments I've paid next-to-nothing for.

I purchased this light lavender sweater (The Limited brand) from a thrift store last year. I get compliments every time I wear this color! This sweater goes perfectly with my dark gray NYDJ's ponte knit skinnys and gray suede boots from Target! 

I wore this outfit at Christmas time (when I took this photo) and I just wore it again yesterday. It's been in the 60's and sunny so it seemed just right and comfortable.

I'm itching for another 'thrifting' shopping trip. Do you thrift and mix those pieces in with your other items? What's your favorite "deal" you snagged from a thrift store?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I wore today

I've been told by a little birdie (she knows who she is) I should post more photos of what I wear. I think she's right. Some days I have on a fab outfit I should share...and other days, well I'm not so 'fashionable'. But even the more comfy casual days should be shared, right?

Anyways, this is what I wore today and I dressed up today...(By the way it was 66 degrees today! Not bad for New Year's Day, huh?)

Making style changes happen...

 Dear Missus Smarty Pants,

Things have changed so much since I subscribed. I can't adequately explain. You made ME more important to ME.

PS. My closet is almost done. And, even though it's not quite finished yet, it has become like sacred space. I gave away everything that's too small or out of style, and have like 6 outfits now. You'd think that would be a BAD thing but it's wonderful. 

I have 6 fabulous outfits that fit! I have less trouble finding nice things to wear than when I had all that crap in there! And now I have a plan for refilling with NICE things that you suggest.

Got my colors done by you, too. Best $35 bucks I ever spent! Love, Kathy

Dear SYSters,

Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for the opportunity to share my love of style with all of my MSP SYSters!

It is my desire for you to look and feel your best everyday. It has become my mission (and passion) to help as many women as I can. I want each of you to feel beautiful in the skin you are in!

Find out what clothing styles flatter your shape today! It is my wish for all of you to know YOU are beautiful.

Yours in style, Leslie aka Missus SmartyPants

4 Steps to Chic

1. Start with a feminine top 2. Pair with classy slacks 3. Ground with bold shoes 4. Finish with statement earrings ...