Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Powerful Color...

Got something important happening? A special meeting or event to attend? Want to dress to impress? Or are you feeling a bit down? If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions...then you need to wear a powerful RED!

When I'm wearing red, I feel 'powerful'. The only question now is: why don't I have more RED in my wardrobe?

This year I'm going to add more red into my wardrobe. I'm lucky red is part of my Seasonal Colors.

What is your favorite 'power' color to wear?


  1. my power color is a bright raspberry. red can be a *bit* too yellow on me and unless its JUST the right shade, tends to make me look sallow. not a good look LOL.

    1. Hi Amanda :)

      I too have lots of sarees in raspberry color but no dress :(.I am sure this is one must have color :)

  2. That's a great power color! I don't have much raspberry either in my wardrobe. However, I do gets lots of compliments when I wear my raspberry colored fly-away cardigan!It matches so well with my dark gray dress slacks, etc. too

    Agree, I need a true red in order to 'feel' right in red.

  3. I like pink or navy, depending on the occasion. If I have to summon an aura of authority, I wear navy blue with white. If I want to say, "I'm friendly, you want to talk to me," I wear pink. I don't have much pink in my wardrobe lately, more navy, but I've been in more situations recently where I have to project an aura of authority.

    I think pink would be a fun date-night color.

  4. I love red. The reason I don't wear more of it, is I never feel like I can get my make up quite right with it, primarily the eye makeup. I've always felt that way and now with being 47, I struggle more.

  5. @Serendipity - I have traditionally worn pink when I'm feeling stressed and want to be treated "gently". LOL! I can't wear "true" red (plz add a bit of blue!), nor orange or yellow in any shade. I tend to favor magenta & teal for power colors. Navy is also good, it's historically "THE" subdued power color. And I'd be willing to bet NO ONE "cannot wear it"!

  6. @Acartee - I'd have to agree, navy is versatile enough and comes in shades that can suit anyone.

    Orange and yellow are hard colors to wear for most people, especially orange - and yet it's the Pantone Color of the Year - Tangerine Tango. I've seen some women look really good in yellow - a soft lemon yellow, or on women with darker skin tones, a bright, sunny yellow. Michelle Obama is a good example of someone who has the coloring, style sense and personality to wear strong colors and patterns.

    I totally get that pink is a color you want to wear when you want people to like you and treat you well.

    Teal is supposed to be the color for this winter.

  7. Same for me!! Red is one color I get compliments on whenever I wear it, yet I have very little of it in my waredrobe!

  8. love Love LOVE **Orange**!
    and I'm so fortunate that I can wear several different shades.

    What makes me feel strongest is a pop of color among darker shades. For instance, an orange or raspberry tank under a dark jacket w/ dark slacks.

    A colorful necklace or bracelet with a scoop-neck black shirt or sweater.

    I'm having so much more fun since I'm accessorizing!

  9. Ofcouse side of my wardrobe is painted with red, now i think i need to stop buying red and try something new :)


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