Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mixing it up

I love to mix my 'high end' and 'low end' pieces into one outfit. High end items are something I've paid full price for and are quality garments. Low end items (can be top quality) are garments I've paid next-to-nothing for.

I purchased this light lavender sweater (The Limited brand) from a thrift store last year. I get compliments every time I wear this color! This sweater goes perfectly with my dark gray NYDJ's ponte knit skinnys and gray suede boots from Target! 

I wore this outfit at Christmas time (when I took this photo) and I just wore it again yesterday. It's been in the 60's and sunny so it seemed just right and comfortable.

I'm itching for another 'thrifting' shopping trip. Do you thrift and mix those pieces in with your other items? What's your favorite "deal" you snagged from a thrift store?


  1. An Ann Taylor loft brown velvet skirt that I found at my local thrift shop around three months ago-

  2. I wish I could thrift, but I'm tall and don't have the patience to find something tall enough for my frame. I would LOVE to reuse, but it's not as feasible in my case. :/

  3. I got a great coat, knee length with a white & black paisley print liner. It cost $6 & this is my second year to use it.

  4. Just yesterday I got a black Banana Republic silk/cashmere sweater from a thrift store. It's a faux wrap with a deep v-neck and looks great with my new camis. My camis are bright colors and add a much appreciated splash of color to these gray winter days.

    Sherry @A Happy Valentine

  5. How funny Sherry, I was just gonna describe something similar! I read this post yesterday and then what I wore today kinda fit the whole point of the post unintentionally!

    I wore dark skinny jeans with flat black suede slouchy boots, and a gray, black, teal, and white, long floral lacy cami (one of my FAVE shirts ever!). Over that I wore a long sleeve black deep v-neck wrap sweater I found at Goodwill a few months ago! I didn't even mean to mix in a thrift store find, but inadvertently I did! I got a ton of compliments on the outfit! That wrap sweater looks great with all my camis!

  6. Favorite thrift store buy was just yesterday. A new London Fog wool coat with awsome lines, pretty pair of dress boots, new pair of Josef Seibel shoes, a wool coat for hubby, and a pair of new LLBean hikers for me. All for only $9!!! Was an awesome day!!!!

  7. Great deals. All of your 'bargain' thrifty items sound pretty classic and therefore you are wearing them more often and mixing them with your 'highter end' items.

    Your bargains (the quality coats and wrap sweaters) are giving me the itch to get back to my favorite thrift store next week because it's right next to my dentist's office (I'm going there next week)!

    I'll keep you posted on my thrifty finds!

  8. I LOVE thrifting! Today I found a pair of dark wash Express jeans that were already altered to my short inseam length (Be still my heart!) In addition, when I took them to the cash register I discovered that they were 50% off :)


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