Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Fashion Diva, A Dirt Diva & Cricket

This weekend is only half gone, but it's been a busy one thus far!

What I wore for "date night"

Since I'll be 'working' on Sunday, I started my weekend on Friday and I have to say it's been a blast. I've been part "fashion diva" by dressing up for the night out on the town...AND I've been a "dirt diva" by going mountain biking earlier in the day. (I also met a cool chick named 'Cricket'...more about that later)

After a full day of being a "Dirt Diva" I switched hats and enjoyed being a "Fashion Diva" in the evening. I love dressing up because it makes me feel pretty (and after a day in the dirt, it's a good alternative, LOL!)

I really was a bit if a "Diva" because I insisted that we go to my favorite Mexican place for dinner. It is called "Pure" and is located in a darling little town called Matthews. It's fresh grilled and the margaritas come in every flavor!

Such a sweet little town...

In the moring, Hubs and I checked out a new mountain bike trail...

It was such a beautifully wooded trail...but then we came to a loop called "Rollercoaster". 
That put an end to the sight-seeing!
 Fast sharp turns, steep banks and quick downhills made this one crazy ride!

Below, standing next to the silo & directional signage on the trail.
Either go left for the Rollercoaster loop or go right for the main loop.
 I ended up doing both loops that morning.

I survived the Rollercoaster loop!
Actually I'd love to go back and do it again, LOL! What fun.

Below, I 'm coming up out of the woods at the end of the Rollercoaster loop...

Along the way there are these crazy road 'challenges' (most of the time you don't have to take them on).  Below was one way you could ride the trail (up a tree)...Hubs choose to go for IT!

Below is a side view of the boards that you ride your bike on...

There were plenty of these skinny board challenges you HAD to do in order to complete the bike course. For example, there was a long boarded path going all the way across a muddy bog. The only way to get to the other side of the course was ride across it. It made my palms sweat because one false move and I'd end up in that nasty-mucky water! To be honest with you, if the boards were big enough to get off my bike and walk it across I would have! Honestly I would' was that scary. But after surviving this crazy 'challenge'...I realized I pushed myself further than I normally would have. I guess it's a good thing to step out of the box and do something you don't think you can. It's especially gradifying to realize you actually have SUCCEEDED in doing so! 

A couple of hours later...after riding the rough mountain course we met up in the parking area to rest. There were other "bikers" there chatting...and this is where the story gets interesting....

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what got the talking started with the other bikers was MY one muddy shoe! I ended up halfway in a creek and had to climb out of the muck! I had a little slip up on one of those boarded challenges I mentioned...but it was over a small creek...not the long path over the bog that I was so frightened of! The muddy shoe conversation got us talking with this lady (there are not many women on a mountain bike course, by the way) and asked her if she'd been on this trail before...

Cricket does more than chirp! This woman ended up being more than just some lady that bikes on a mountain course. She was quite interesting and it all started when she said her name was 'Cricket'. I have to wonder, is that a pet-name that stuck with her? Or is it her REAL name? I mean, who names their daughter "Cricket"...really, who does that? Someone named "Moonbeam" from the 70's??? Sorry but I really do wonder...

Cricket was there that morning practicing for an upcoming race. She practices with men that are some type of team bikers. By practicing with competive men, she works out harder than if she were to practice for the race on her own. So get this: Cricket will be racing the Tour Divide ( that mountain bikes from Canada to Mexico in 28 days!!! This will be her 4th Tour Divide race (several of them she did not get to finish). As we asked lots of questions about mountain biking and her upcoming race, she shared with us her custom-made bike packs (weighing only 10 pounds) that she will have strapped on her bike as she bikes 16 hours a day for 28 DAYS!!! I can't imagine having a bike saddle up your BUTT for 28 days!!! 

Oh, did I mention Cricket's a mom of 2 boys and she is 44 years old???? Unbelievable!!! And I was just amazed I made it over a muddy bog! I tripped up in the small creek BUT I made it across the muddy bog. Yes, I did.

All I can say is "Girl Power"! My only regret...NOT getting my photo taken with Cricket the "wonder woman"!!! 

We can be powerful by dressing as stylish as we want and DO whatever we set our minds to--it's really up to US! Have a great weekend everyone! Love, Leslie

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Color That Lasts

On my last visit to my hairstylist, I figured I knew enough about her private life. It was time to dig deep and go beyond how her hubby and golden retriever were doing...

I wanted to know how I can get my hair color to last as long as possible. Since I am shelling over some big bucks, just what can I do personally between visits to keep my hair color looking its best? Alisha was kind enough to spill all the details I was looking for!

I pay a fortune on my hair every 6 weeks! But it is worth it to me-- and so I do it happily because if I had to color my hair at home there would be disastrous results!

How to have lasting hair color:

1. Don't wash your hair so often! At my visit Alisha shared that it had been 5 days since she last washed her hair and admitted that might be pushing it a little (ya think???) Alisha said she's been using a dry shampoo spray to stretch out the time between washings. She recommends washing hair every 3 days. Hmmm...interesting idea...however, I workout 3-4 days a week at the gym and I'm sweaty-gross afterward.  I like the idea of using a dry shampoo product to give yourself another day (NOT Alisha's 5 day stretch, LOL!) I'm going to keep on my every other day schedule...but agree less washings would keep my color and my hair from getting dry and unmanageable.

2. Use less product! As a product junkie, this hit home. I use to believe if this good, then more of it would be better! Wrong-o! Too much product is wasteful and can just dry out your hair. Alisha also suggested that by using a QUALITY product you don't need as much and therefore will use LESS product! I'm going to stop over-lathering my hair today!

3. Change how you wash/shampoo your hair.  Huh? What do you mean? Well, since you aren't using so much product, concentrate on washing/scrubbing your scalp instead. Your scalp is the source of the oil and dirt--not your hair! Wet your hair WELL...then apply a small amount of product and scrub your scalp.

4. Cool it down. Don't wash and rinse your hair in hot water. Take your hot shower if that's your thing, but when it comes to washing/rinsing your hair have a pitcher of warmish to cool water ready to rinse away the suds. A cool rinse will close the cuticles and give your hair some shine.

5. Waterfalls are for vacations. Don't, don't, don't stand under the shower and let the water run on top of your head!!! Well, as it turns out this is not only drying to your hair and skin--it leaches color from your hair cuticles and FADES YOUR COLOR! 

And because I'm extra special with a cherry on top ( I DO always ask about her hubby and golden retriever) Alisha GAVE me a fab product to try. It's a color maintenance product by Tressa called Watercolors shampoo tint. It is a violet wash that you add to your regular shampoo and it helps keep your blonde-blonde. Honestly, it's cool for sure but reminds me of the blue-ing shampoo I used to use on my miniture Schnauzer, Gus years ago, LOL!

Do you have any color saving tips you'd like to share with the gals? If so, ring in and SHARE it!

Love, Leslie

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Celebration of Mothers...

I get my classic style from my mom. I think should would approve of this shirtdress style!

In Celebration of Mothers...

"Mother" is such a simple word,
But to me there is meaning seldom heard.

For everything I am today,
My mother’s love showed me the way.

I’ll love my mother all my days,
For enriching my life in so many ways.

She set me straight and then set me free,
And that’s what the word "mother" means to me.

Thanks for being a wonderful mother, Mom!

Poem By Karl Fuchs

This poem really spoke to me when I read the line: "She set me straight and then set me free".

At this point in my life I've had to let my grown boys go in order for them to go off and become men. I think that's what our job is as moms. Raise them up right...then do the hardest part--let them go!

I have to say this Mother's Day...all three of my "men" have made me one proud mama!

As a tribute to my own mother, I'd like to thank her for her style influence on me. She was always well put-together. Really, I can't remember her not looking nice. She always had her hair done, was well groomed and cared about how she looked. 

I remember being her 'little helper' on the weekends. Since she worked full-time she spent the good part of most Saturdays running errands. I often went with her to help out. I wonder now if I was as helpful as I thought I was back then, LOL!

Thank you Mom...I love you and you definitely influenced my style!

Love, Leslie

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