Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Week at MSP, THE BIG FALL PREVIEW 2011!

Prepare Your Closet for Fall 2011 NOW! 

This week at MissusSmartyPants you'll get the LIST of the latest styles, trends and colors I've selected for the new fall season!

Find out what's HOT and what's NOT. Find out how and if you should mix two bold colors in one outift, and IF you should wear the "new" must-have item: the CAPE or not. 

New rich colors for everyone's palette + some styles you should AVOID! This is the must-have LIST you need to decide on what to keep in your wardrobe + decide what new items you should add to your wardrobe this fall!

Don't miss out, this is THE WEEK to be a MSP SYSter! Join us, if you haven't already!

Love, Leslie MSP

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MSP's List of Undergarment Must-have's

MSP’s List of Undergarment Must-Have’s

Do you wonder if you have the right undergarments--and if you have enough of them?

What’s the right amount of undies and bras to have in your drawers anyways? And what about shape-wear? Don’t get your panties in a wad! I’ve got you “covered” with my complete list of must-haves right here, so there’s no way you can “slip” up! (Sorry, adding these puns in was way too much fun, LOL!)

MissusSmartyPants recommends you have in  your undies drawer:

__7 pairs of everyday panties
__3 everyday bras (2 nude, 1 black)
__1 convertible/racerback bra (nude)
__1 lacy “pretty” bra
__1 nude “smoothing” camisole
__1 smoothing “bike” short
__1 half slip (nude)
__2 pair of tights for fall/winter (1 opaque brown, 1 opaque black)
__3 pair of trouser socks
__1 pair of evening hose (slinky black or mirco-fish nets)

If you have the above items in your undies drawer, you will be ready to wear anything for any occasion--in any season!

Fit and styling tips:

Silky bras are best. Yes, that lacy bra sure is pretty, but unfortunately under any fitted shirt you’re going to look lumpy!!! SMOOTH bras are best because they work under any top. Be careful with cotton bras because sometimes they aren’t smooth and slinky enough.

Nude-colored Allura bra from

What? No white bras? That’s right, no white bras. Who needs them? They are too limiting because you see them through all light colored and white tops and blouses...which means they are too limiting. Simply choose a nude colored bra instead (close to your skin color) and you’re good to go--no matter what you wear!

Black is for black. If you are like most ladies, you have a lot of black in your closet. A basic black top or tank, a LBD (Little Black Dress) black pants, etc. ANY time you are wearing your basic black, wear your black bra. Even if the strap peeks out, it will hardly be noticeable.

Get fitted. I probably end up saying this at least once a week, so why not one more time: “Get professionally fitted”. Since 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra (size and style)...a professional fitting will make all the difference. Go to a quality department or speciality store that has certified fitters working. A big pink store with cute undergarments is more about selling than FITTING.

You can't do it yourself...get fitted professionally and finally get the best fitting bra!

Practical pays off. When it comes to your underwear, be practical. The cutesy undies are fun, but way too impractical for everyday. You want good fitting smooth undergarments day in and day out. Invest in quality undies and you’ll never regret it! My favorite everyday panties are from (Vanishing Edge Panties).

No VPL! Avoid Visible Panty Lines by reading above about getting practical panties. Nothing messes up your look more than bulging panty lines under your clothes being visible! The outline of ones bum does not equal good style--enough said.

Slinky knits and jersey fabrics show everything--even a thong!

They’re BACK! A blessing to some, a curse to others...pantyhose could be making a comeback! Scary, huh? Thanks to the Middleton sisters, sheer pantyhose may be making a style comeback. I’m not sure how I feel about this issue, but as style moves forward so shall I!

Sheer hose maybe making a comeback thanks to the Dutchess!

I hope this basic list of undergarments helps you get what you need in your undie drawers.

If you need help knowing out to dress your OUTSIDE, check out my style website:

Love, Leslie

P. S. If you have any bra fitting questions or any other undergarment issues or comments--share them right here! I’ll be happy to answer you.

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