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MSP's List of Undergarment Must-have's

MSP’s List of Undergarment Must-Have’s

Do you wonder if you have the right undergarments--and if you have enough of them?

What’s the right amount of undies and bras to have in your drawers anyways? And what about shape-wear? Don’t get your panties in a wad! I’ve got you “covered” with my complete list of must-haves right here, so there’s no way you can “slip” up! (Sorry, adding these puns in was way too much fun, LOL!)

MissusSmartyPants recommends you have in  your undies drawer:

__7 pairs of everyday panties
__3 everyday bras (2 nude, 1 black)
__1 convertible/racerback bra (nude)
__1 lacy “pretty” bra
__1 nude “smoothing” camisole
__1 smoothing “bike” short
__1 half slip (nude)
__2 pair of tights for fall/winter (1 opaque brown, 1 opaque black)
__3 pair of trouser socks
__1 pair of evening hose (slinky black or mirco-fish nets)

If you have the above items in your undies drawer, you will be ready to wear anything for any occasion--in any season!

Fit and styling tips:

Silky bras are best. Yes, that lacy bra sure is pretty, but unfortunately under any fitted shirt you’re going to look lumpy!!! SMOOTH bras are best because they work under any top. Be careful with cotton bras because sometimes they aren’t smooth and slinky enough.

Nude-colored Allura bra from

What? No white bras? That’s right, no white bras. Who needs them? They are too limiting because you see them through all light colored and white tops and blouses...which means they are too limiting. Simply choose a nude colored bra instead (close to your skin color) and you’re good to go--no matter what you wear!

Black is for black. If you are like most ladies, you have a lot of black in your closet. A basic black top or tank, a LBD (Little Black Dress) black pants, etc. ANY time you are wearing your basic black, wear your black bra. Even if the strap peeks out, it will hardly be noticeable.

Get fitted. I probably end up saying this at least once a week, so why not one more time: “Get professionally fitted”. Since 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra (size and style)...a professional fitting will make all the difference. Go to a quality department or speciality store that has certified fitters working. A big pink store with cute undergarments is more about selling than FITTING.

You can't do it yourself...get fitted professionally and finally get the best fitting bra!

Practical pays off. When it comes to your underwear, be practical. The cutesy undies are fun, but way too impractical for everyday. You want good fitting smooth undergarments day in and day out. Invest in quality undies and you’ll never regret it! My favorite everyday panties are from (Vanishing Edge Panties).

No VPL! Avoid Visible Panty Lines by reading above about getting practical panties. Nothing messes up your look more than bulging panty lines under your clothes being visible! The outline of ones bum does not equal good style--enough said.

Slinky knits and jersey fabrics show everything--even a thong!

They’re BACK! A blessing to some, a curse to others...pantyhose could be making a comeback! Scary, huh? Thanks to the Middleton sisters, sheer pantyhose may be making a style comeback. I’m not sure how I feel about this issue, but as style moves forward so shall I!

Sheer hose maybe making a comeback thanks to the Dutchess!

I hope this basic list of undergarments helps you get what you need in your undie drawers.

If you need help knowing out to dress your OUTSIDE, check out my style website:

Love, Leslie

P. S. If you have any bra fitting questions or any other undergarment issues or comments--share them right here! I’ll be happy to answer you.


  1. Dear Leslie,

    Thanks so much for this list of underwear essentials, and for _everything_ you do to help us look stylish and smashing! I have a question about panties. I am an E and, after having worn the cutesy panties in my youth, have decided to go for comfort and fit. For me, that means cotton briefs, aka - and I hate this expression - granny panties. But maybe there are options I'm missing? What style of panties - hipsters, hi-cuts, boylegs, something else? - are most flattering to an E figure? And where do you go to buy them? Thanks for reading and for any ideas you might have!


  2. In the picture of the Allure bra, the band is low enough that MY breasts, at least, could sag a tad and be uncomfortable. One of the reasons I wear a bra is to hold them up so I don't end up with a sweaty crease. (Sorry if that's too graphic.) Is that picture properly fitted? Is there something I should be looking for if I'm trying to avoid "the crease"? FWIW, at my last fitting I was a 32D.

  3. Matilda, that bra DOESN'T look like it fits her/ is in the right place, at least, to me.

  4. Matilda and Valerie, Go to and search the Allura's one of their top sellers. It's a pretty good bra and I think you just didn't like this particular photo of the nude bra. Take a look by putting "allura bra" into their search box. However, despite this a good bra is all about the right FIT for you! That's why you should be professionally fitted occasionally to find out the best STYLE and SIZE for you. If you are a B cup or above, a supportive bra w/ underwire is highly recommended.

    Glenda, the actual style of panties is an individual thing. Often the most popular style is a hipster because it comes below the belly button so you are able to wear a variety of pants without having your undies visible. I would suggest however, to select panties that are made of slinky-like material so they "slide" underneath your clothing. Of course they will have cotton crotches that are breathable. Many SYSters love the affordable brand of Hanes panties. Also, be sure your underwear don't dig into your flesh...creating VPL. I hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for this list, Leslie! Thanks to you I have found the no-lines look with Soma panties and Shapees bras. They are both kind of costly but save me so much money in the long run. I no longer buy and buy trying to find the "perfect" undies for comfort and the no-line look. I have a problem with back fat even though I'm not overweight but the Shapees bras really took care of that. Thank you for making us aware of these products. I would never have found them on my own!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Ooops, I should have said Shapeez instead of Shapees! Sorry! ~ Sherry

  7. A suggestion for those SUPER-well-endowed ladies (ie - I'm at 32J now that I'm nursing) in the Southeast, I recommend a trek to Breakout Bras in Greenville, SC. They also have a website and they sell through Amazon, but it's worth the drive for the fitting! They have nursing bras and sports bras too. They are also great for women with smaller band sizes. I've never found their products cheaper anywhere else, and I've never had such great service anywhere else. Yes, they are going to cost a little more than your average department store super sale, but when you have J cups to hold up, you have to support them!

  8. I agree with the recommendation for Breakout Bras. I am a non-traditional size (34G) & could not find a properly fitting bra for a long time. Once I was fitted, I realized that a proper fitting bra is totally worth the expense. Now that I know the correct size, shopping is so much easier! On vacation, I needed a smooth cup bra, walked into Macy's & tried on one Wacoal bra in my size, & walked out the door with a smile. (ONE try!!!)

    Yesterday, while driving down the road I saw a woman wearing a green silk jumpsuit & insufficient underwear. I feel like I was scarred for life. Underwear makes a huge difference!!

  9. Thanks Sheila and Jenna for mentioning Breakout Bras! Lots of ladies will LOVE knowing about this place!

    @ Sheila...I about spit out my water when reading your "scarred for life" comment...hilarious! LOL!

  10. Thanks for this, Leslie, it came at exactly the right time ... I'm going underwear shopping with one of my friends ... people kept telling her to "pull up her big-girl panties," so she decided she needed some big-girl panties, LOL! This list should come in handy.

  11. Hi Leslie. Thanks for the numbers regarding undies. As a small breasted woman who has lung disease, I would like to beg you to open your mind and close your mouth a bit about the bra issue. Despite attempts to be professionally fit four times, I and the bra fitters have come to the same obvious conclusion. All bras constrict breathing. Inability to breathe properly is life threatening. Allowing the "girls" to position themselves comfortably is life enhancing. Please allow us to feel stylish while wearing a camisole next to our skin on top. I have also observed women who do not wear bras in the waiting room of the lung specialist. We talk to each other, and have come to the same conclusion. Life itself is more important than the bra or any other tremendously constricting clothing.

  12. Dear ?,

    Thanks for your input. I have not thought of this before, and it sounds like it is working for you. I'm all about good health and having a positive attitude in life. I say, if a cami works for you---go for it AND show off your sassy style at the same time!

  13. Hi Leslie,

    Went for a fitting today and walked out with a couple of really comfortable and well-fitting bras! Thank you for the "push" to get this done. I'm not a big girl (38B) but having a properly fitting bra has made a world of difference! While I was at it, I also bought myself a pair of Spanx! Expensive, but with proper care was told the bras will last me for 5 years.

  14. Doris,

    You have made a good investment in yourself and your silhouette!

    Yes, they will last for years and you'll look fabulous for it too! Glad to hear you got the "push" you needed :)

  15. My bra fitting was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself! I knew I wasn't wearing the correct size but had no idea how off I was. I look and feel so much better now in a properly fitted bra. Something EVERY woman should do!!!

  16. Lynn,

    Thanks for sharing this! Some women just need to hear this over and over "get a bra fitting" finally go and make it happen!

    It can make a HUGE improvement in your silhouette and how your clothes fit you!

  17. I found out a terrible thing at my last bra fitting. A salesperson at La Senza (an undergarment store here in Canada that is basically a Victoria's Secret knockoff) said that their sizes tend to "run big" compared to "other places". This basically cemented my dislike of the women's clothing industry: sizes rarely ever seem to be consistent, anywhere. Grrr!

    So, I guess this means it might be worth getting fitted at each potential bra shopping place... bleh. Or eliminate some of the shopping options after finding a place that has nice stuff that works well for you. Personally, I'm trying to eliminate La Senza from my repertoire, (not just because they "size differently" but because they discontinued the bra size that seemed to fit me best! grrrr~!) but bras are pricey and I happen to have a few gift cards kicking around, which means I'm probably going to succumb to the temptation to shop there again.

    Oh, another thought I just had: if you've already been fitted for bras but it's been awhile since that fitting, GO AGAIN! Bodies change! Gain or lose a few pounds, and it could change how your bra fits! Heck, even if your weight hasn't changed, it could've changed where it is on your body. I'm definitely going to get re-fitted when I go next, because I just have this feeling everything will go more smoothly if I do, especially with that discontinuation of my size. Grrr. (Oh, but hey, maybe I'm a slightly different size now too, so maybe it won't be so bad!)

    Anyways, thanks for the reminder to do this, Leslie, because I definitely need to refresh my bra supply. I think I've been holding off because I'm feeling some negativity about the whole situation (as might be obvious from the above!), despite the fact that I really do know I look and feel better when wearing something that fits me well.

  18. Qrystal,

    I hope you've had the opportunity to get your bra fitting. I personally suggest always going to the same quality department store. They have a huge selection (not everything is out) and they carry quality brands. It can happen that a brand may discontinue a style you like, but I think they don't do that as often as a store like La Senza will.

    Hope you are finding your supported slimmer silhouette well worth the time it took for the bra fitting!


  19. Just catching up on a few of these slightly older posts. I know that department stores are a bit different in different regions, but what type of department stores would be good ones to go for bra fittings? I'm mostly a Kohl's girl, but we also have JCPenney's, Sears, Macy's, Nordstrom's up here in Ohio.... Do you have any suggestions for which of these -- or somewhere else -- that would be best for bra fitting?

  20. Melissa,

    By far I'd reccomend Nordstrom's. It's where I take my makeover clients when they come to town.

    They are certified fitters, friendly and very professional. You'll make the best use of your time by shopping there!

    Write me back after your fitting at Nordy's!

  21. Another bra item I cannot live without are my stick-on bras in nude and black.

    I'm an avid ballroom dancer and wear a lot of backless and strapless clothing. The stick-on bras keep "the girls" both covered and perky.

    I even wear them with regular clothes and have no worries about back fat.

    Someone earlier commented on bras constricting their breathing. Stick-on bras might be a possible solution.

    I bought mine from a vendor at the International Women's Show, but they are a lot like the original NuBra or NuBra lite versions sold by NuBra.

    I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking that the adhesive would not last or provide sufficient support. I have had them for several years and am totally delighted.

    They are offered in sizes up to D-cup.

    If you decide to try them, be sure to use a non-detergent soap -- like Ivory -- to wash them.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. And don't think a slip is just for people not to see through your clothes, the slip actually makes your clothes skim over your body disguising a lot of lumps and bumps. I personally prefer a full slip though-again that sweat problem that others have brought up, I find I really sweat around the elastic on a half slip, don't sweat with a full slip, plus more skimming on top that I need as well!

    As for bras, not ALL brands are for all people. At the risk of being graphic, every one has different shapes of breast. Some are more martini cup shaped (pointy/pyramid) some are more rounded, and so on and so on. Different companies make their bras for different shapes.

    If you are any where near NYC My Intimacy is great about getting the right fit and brand for your body type and what not.

    I personally am a 42 G/H so for sure understand. For me a great brand for nursing and lasting has been Elomi, non nursing I also love Bella Donna. Most cheaper brands aren't true DD, or so on, and actually run much smaller then the two brands I just named. If I was to go with say a Just My Size bra, I would be more of a J cup, cause theirs runs smaller in the cup then the more expensive and especially European brands. Again this is just things I have learned from my own trial and error I have no affiliation with any of these brands.

  24. You are truly correct about getting fitted. I have always been really small so when I got older and gained some weight, I just assumed I still wore an A cup. I just got bigger and bigger band sizes trying to be comfortable. A fitter at Macy's sent me to the dressing room with 32 and 34 C and D cups, (different brands) I thought she was completely nuts. Turned out she was competely correct and my clothes look so much better. Now I look for help with new bras. Recently at Nordstroms, I got help for four new bras and they were each $18 or less. So, don't be scared.

  25. What brand of padded (not fiber-filled, but fully padded) bras do you suggest for eliminating back fat? I know many women my age who don't need a padded bra other than the fact that they are unevenly endowed, or don't want to show the outline of their nipples. Thank you for discussing this.

  26. Rosie,

    The best bra for minimizing back fat is from Spanx:

    I think Soma has their version of this bra as well. I've personally worn the Spanx Bra-lleugah one! Hope you like it too! Leslie


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