Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reality Check...

“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.” ~Cheri K. Erdman

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Duh! Why Didn't I Think of That???

Is this not a cool tip/idea? For sure warmer weather can make for warmer feet that get smelly in our flats (yuck)!

I'm totally going to give this a try!

Have you done this before? Put dry tea bags into your shoes to remove odors? Success? 

If you didn't use tea bags...what did you do to keep the 'stink' problem at bay?

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Beauty Tip You Can Use...

Recently I shared with you a story about using bad (expired) makeup. I had a small jar of eye wrinkle cream in my makeup drawer. After cleaning out the makeup drawer, I decided to keep the eye wrinkle cream (an expensive brand) and use it all up. So after washing my face that evening I applied it around my eyes. By time the next morning arrived, my eye lid had PUFFED UP and it was red, tender and swollen up! I looked like I had some type of contagious disease!!! It was embarrassing and I was miserable for days!!!

The moral to the above story is DON'T use OLD MAKEUP. 
Toss it out, when in doubt.

Since makeup/beauty products have a limited shelf life, let's NOT take chances when it has expired.

BEAUTY TIP: use a permanent marker and DATE your new makeup containers when you add them to your drawer....

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Tips to Improved Style

Wondering what the secret is to obtaining fabulous style? Why is it your style never looks as good as the other women around you? Why do you feel inadequate like you are never good enough? How can you improve your style and feel more confident?

Let go and just be. That's right it's to time to accept yourself...warts and all. You've got to start loving the woman you currently are. This may sound like a bit of  'psycho-babble' but it's the truth. It is all about acceptance.

Stop comparing yourself to other women (I know, I know we do this so well). Really? Really. Instead, put blinders on and concentrate (from this day forward) on being your best version of YOU.

Compare yourself today to the woman you WERE yesterday. From this day need to be your best you (inside and out). Concentrate on you.

As you work on your style and being your best version of yourself, keep these basic style tips in mind:

1. Think about the fabric. Structured fabrics like cotton twill or wool blends (in the winter) with added stretch create a smooth look. Clingy fabrics show off your body--just be sure you are wearing 'cling' to the good parts you wish to highlight.

2. Your best fit. For sure I'm always saying to wear 'body skimming' clothes...and here I go again! Avoid clothing that is too tight as well as clothing that is too baggy. Fit the widest areas of your body with each garment then ALTER them to fit you correctly. I've never had a client come back and say they REGRET having alterations done--it's the opposite. Clients always come back and tell me it is best things they've ever done for themselves (and why didn't they think to alter their clothing).

3. Balance your proportions. Dressing attractively is all about proportions. We can 'hide' certain body parts and play up other parts as well enjoy trendy styles by knowing which styles 'balance' our shape. Each week at in the body type Personal Profiles, I explain in great detail how to dress your shape. When you wear YOUR most flattering styles--and avoid everything's like style Nirvana and the planets align, LOL!

4. Use color and print strategically. Dark colors can help you look slimmer, while bright colors and prints bring attention to wherever they are being worn. Using color and prints to your advantage makes a big difference in how you look in your clothes. Also consider the scale of your prints. For example, a medium scale print is best on a full-figure woman. Avoid anything extra large or small.

5. Complete every look with accessories. Without a doubt great fitting clothes, the right styles for your body type and wearing your best colors will definitely move your style forward! However, don't forget your accessories!!!!!! These are the finishing touches that pull everything together. These are the completer pieces like: sassy animal-print flats, a skinny metallic belt that cinches your waist just so, or a fab statement necklace!

I hope you enjoy more style confidence with these quick tips! Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

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