Friday, June 24, 2011

Dress with Confidence

Want to increase your self-confidence? Hmm, I thought you'd say YES! 

One thing I know for sure that can boost your confidence like nothing else is: dressing well! And when you make it part of your daily routine, well something 'magical' starts to happen...

What are you going to wear today that makes you feel like a million bucks?

There is something magical and powerful about dressing yourself like you matter. Dressing well helps you give off a vibe of self-confidence--and others will believe in that confidence that you are exuding.

Here are some style tips to help you boost your self confidence:

  • Are you stuck in a style moment? Time to break out! Find 2 new styles that refresh your look. You will feel confident in clothes that suit your personal style and body shape.
  • Solids first. Wear more solid colors. Don’t wear too many prints--they go out of style so quickly.
  • A little mystery. Don’t over-expose. Something left to the imagination is always a better way to dress.
  • Stretch and bend. Look for clothes made with 1-2% Lycra. Body skimming clothes look best and should have some stretch in them so you can move comfortably.
  • A classic move. Stay with the classics when you are not sure if the trendy styles are right for you. Your confidence will never be in doubt when you are wearing a classic style.
  •  Indulge in something special. No, it doesn’t always mean chocolate! (Although a little chocolate indulgence never hurt anyone, LOL!) Invest in a quality purse or shoes. Great accessories ALWAYS up your style quotient.
  • Use accessories. Show your individual personality with your choice of accessories. Try trendy accessories to update your look. A great way to spend less this season, yet feel so "on-trend"!
  • Check the 'do. If you haven’t changed your hairstyle since…hmm you can’t remember how long... consider this a written invitation. Nothing makes you feel better and fresher than an up-dated hairstyle!
  • Stop fussing. Leave the lacey, ruffles and frilly stuff to the young girls. Fussy clothes are harder to wear when you are older.
  • Bling fling. Too much jewelry confuses your whole look and is just chaotic. Try one focal piece of jewelry instead.
  • All together now. Get your basics together. Lay out your outfit the night before. This way you know what to wear in the morning—stress-free!
  • Get your creative juices flowing. You may not have as many style options as you did when you were twenty--you just have to be more creative. Have fun with your style, because you deserve it.
  • Be adventurous! Try new styles and purge old clothes that you will never (or should never) wear. Updating your style can make feel like a young girl again! Enjoy the adventure.
Every morning you have to get dressed…so why not start your day with fabulous style and enjoy the self-confidence it brings!

BIO: Leslie Gonzales AKA MissusSmartyPants helps women dress their best! Check out her website for more information how you can start your own style makeover!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrity Inspired Style

I've let the "celebrity" style of Heidi Klum inspire my style: A blouson top with rolled up skinnies and heels....

Having your own sense of style involves creativity – 
even if it’s just choosing how you'll wear a few basic pieces from your wardrobe on given day. 

Being creative is fun...but sometimes you need a little help. Just like artists and writers often look for inspiration in nature or from other people, as budding "fashionistas"--we need a little inspiration too!

There are many ways to get your style juices flowing, however one fabulous way is to find a celebrity "double". A celebrity "double" is someone you look to for fashion inspiration. (Personally I have several celebrity "doubles" I look to for inspiring my style...Heidi Klum and Reese Witherspoon). 

Your chosen celebrity should have a similar shape and coloring to you...and more importantly they should have a dressing style that you admire. Every time you see them on TV or in magazines, etc. take note of what they are wearing and WHY you think they look good--or not. Is it the color, fit or unusual way of putting together an outfit that makes you love (or hate) that particular look?
Why are celebrities so special??? Really they are not that special even though they are on TV...YOU are just as special! But one thing they've got that you don't have is their own personal stylists (although IF you use my weekly style service--you've got me as your stylist to help you, LOL!) These famous people pay professionals big bucks to dress them in all the latest clothes for fancy events as well as when they are being "seen" walking down the street with their Starbucks in hand. Many of these "random" photos come out right before a big movie premiere or book reveal! Coincidence, huh? Not really...everything a celebrity does is PLANNED by their "people". Celebrities need to be seen and need to look FABULOUS! Take your style queues from your celebrity double!

Get Celebrity Inspired Style by:Copying someone who looks like you. A celebrity whose hair color, height, etc., is close to yours is best. Don’t expect to find a perfect twin of yourself-but at least someone you identify with and with whom you have lots of similaritiesFind a celebrity with a similar shape. If your celebrity's shape is like your can "copy" the styles they wear fairly confidently!Look for someone with similar sense of style. If you can find a celeb who’s personal style resembles your own, that’s another great way to get inspiration and try new styles you never thought of before!

Jennifer Hudson was a good choice for many plus size ladies...but now she's more of an hourglass body type "B"!

Kate Hudson is often quite stylish and is a great style "double" for a body type "A"

I love Helen Mirren's style (especially because she wears her sense of style so well (and always so age appropriate too)! 

WHO have you used as your "celebrity double"???

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