Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Style

Sweater and necklace from Second Time Around (consignment shop) Asheville NC
Skirt The Limited, Boots black leather Kenneth Cole--purchase for $40 (cash only--might have been "hot") at Tulsa Women's Show

I hope you enjoyed last week's style topic about bras at MSP. Getting the "girls" up where they belong is really important to how we look in our clothes. I love sharing this info once a year because it can really change a woman's silhouette! Why not get a little help from under our clothes and look a couple years younger for it? Sounds good to me.

With our economy still in stalled mode--many fashionistas are now becoming recessionistas! Getting a bargain on stylish clothes continues to be necessary as well as a great way to get a cheap thrill, LOL!

But what gal doesn't love a good bargain? There are plenty of them to be had if you consider bargain shopping at second-hand stores (consignment or thrift stores). You might find you get a retail "high" by purchasing a name brand jacket for only $5! I sure do!

Some women may not be able to get past the "ick" factor of clothes previously worn--but I assure you if you stay away from undergarments--it's all good and CHEAP! Besides everything can be washed or dry cleaned.

This week at MissusSmartyPants I'll share my tips for shopping second-hand. I'm excited to show you my outfits all purchased for next to nothing.

Have you scored at second-hand shopping? Have you purchased something second-hand at an unbelievable price? I'd love if you'd share your fabulous deal with me. Tell me what you bought and how much you paid.

Here's to nifty thrifty style!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teenage girls addicted to texting?

After a busy work week both my husband and I were anxious to get out of the house and go "do" something. It's been kinda cold so we thought a movie sounded like a good idea.

On Saturday night my hubby and I went to see the movie "Lovely Bones". The theater filled up pretty quickly. A young teen girl was seated right next to me. As soon as she sat down she began texting. We were only seeing movie previews so I thought no big deal. Well, then the movie began and the phone texting back and forth continued! Every time a text comes in or she texts the SCREEN LIGHTS UP! Are you kidding me?! You can't help but be distracted by the lit up screen and constant movements of up and down with the phone.

You'd think I have to say something after a couple of dirty looks. It was extremely annoyed. I bet you would be too. But here is the kicker...the teen girl in front of me and also to the left were all texting throughout the movie!

I'd have to stop watching the movie (therefore miss what I'd came there for) and go get someone to stop all the texting! Or tell them ALL to stop and be the "Bitch" of the movie theater.

My question is: Do teen girls have a texting addiction? I didn't see any guys in constant text mode. Can't they just turn off the cell phone and watch a movie???

Highly annoyed and really concerned about what is happening to teen girls.

Whew! Sorry about my soapbox for now...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

If shoes make the outfit...then I WANT these!

Shoes are like candy for our wardrobes. We want to have many varieties for our every mood!

I'm visualizing many cute outfits when I have these babies on!

Are you in love with shoes too?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring musing...

Right now swimsuits are showing up in the stores and unless you are taking a cruise to's a bit early to think about showing that much skin. Nonetheless it's a wake up call that spring is right around the corner!

With the arrival of swimsuits in the stores, it gets me thinking about what new styles I want to add to my spring wardrobe this season. What did I love about last spring/summer's wardrobe, and what didn't I love? How can I enjoy my style even more this year?

I loved my black/white twill short-sleeved jacket because it mixed and matched with dress shorts or pants equally well. I know I'll still love it this year, as well as my white denim jacket (since it's cool into April or May).

One item that was a huge void in my warm season wardrobe last year was skirts. I only found one casual skirt I loved at Marshall's--and I wore it often. I never did find an A-line denim skirt that fit just right either. I certainly hope there are more skirt options in the stores this year. Why aren't there lots of skirts options? They are so versatile compared to sundresses.

Recently the spring Nordstrom catalog arrived in my mailbox (another fine indicator spring is on the way)! I've drooled (I really did, LOL!) over each page...all the yummy pastels and cool mixed neutrals...there is lots to LOVE this spring!

I WANT to show you a picture of my latest lusting...(but I'm not yet sure how to post a picture here SMILE :) I love these shoes that are a knock-off of Michael Kors brand sandals ($149) but these Seychelles "She's Got the Look" sandals are only $89! Whoo Hoo!

What are you lusting after?
What do you think you'll want to add to your spring wardrobe? A new colorful handbag? Shoes? New shorts, bright tees?

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Big Tent Group is chatting it up!

Happy Monday y'all!

Yesterday I posted a pondering question to my BigTent Style Group..."What new item are you excited to wear this spring?" I'd LOVE to hear what new style you are excited about?

What am I dying to wear as soon as spring arrives? Well, I'm really looking forward to starting the sunny (yet still cool) days with a new pair of WHITE jeans! I always have a fear of "my butt is too big" in them--however this year I'm going for it (that's IF I find the right fitting pair)! BTW:WHITE MEANS SEE-THROUGH (LIKE PIC ABOVE!!!) SO NUDE UNDIES LADIES!

I'm also feeling the need for new gladiator sandals (I have some black ones I love) however, I'm thinking a pair of tarnished gold gladiators would rock my world--and I new handbag, did I mention that yet??

Well, if you want to voice your burning style choices for spring (including new spring colors you've never tried but will this season) is the time to join in on the conversation at BigTent. It's free and full of lots of supportive, yet chatty women!

Jump right in & join us!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good time for a closet purge...

Recently my friend Barbara de-cluttered this outdated boxy jacket from her closet. She needed "my permission" to purge this jacket because she spent a lot of money on this jacket (years ago of course).

Bye bye boxy jackets! Need help purging your closet?

Fashionably Frustrated

Yes, that last 2 weeks have been fashionably frustrating for me. It's been unusually cold I can't stand it. I've hibernated in the house and sat at my computer all day in pink fuzzy socks. Not something you'd think a self-proclaimed "fashionista" would wear--however honestly true. My style has taken a back seat to staying warm.

With such cold weather I didn't know what to wear for a recent business meeting. I found myself fashionably frustrated and quite frankly at a loss for what to wear. I stood in my cold closet and stared. It seems my closet is not so well equipped for such cold weather. I struggled to put something together that looked half way decent (just shy of the way the Michelin man might look)LOL! It wasn't my best look and I felt crappy that day (I'd rather stay home back in those pink socks).

Now that my style weakness is exposed, I guess I should work on strengthening my cold weather wardrobe...however with the arrival of the new Nordstrom's Spring Catalog this week, I'll just wish for warmer days to hurry up and get here!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to MSP's Blog

Join me on my style journey. I'll share my style challenges and successes here with you!

Here I go again!

Here I go again! Creating yet another site, web-based place to chat about fashion and all things style related.

I'm not very technical, but I figure I have to keep up--or else! So now I've got a blog. We'll just see where this all goes. Stay tuned....

4 Steps to Chic

1. Start with a feminine top 2. Pair with classy slacks 3. Ground with bold shoes 4. Finish with statement earrings ...