Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Style

Sweater and necklace from Second Time Around (consignment shop) Asheville NC
Skirt The Limited, Boots black leather Kenneth Cole--purchase for $40 (cash only--might have been "hot") at Tulsa Women's Show

I hope you enjoyed last week's style topic about bras at MSP. Getting the "girls" up where they belong is really important to how we look in our clothes. I love sharing this info once a year because it can really change a woman's silhouette! Why not get a little help from under our clothes and look a couple years younger for it? Sounds good to me.

With our economy still in stalled mode--many fashionistas are now becoming recessionistas! Getting a bargain on stylish clothes continues to be necessary as well as a great way to get a cheap thrill, LOL!

But what gal doesn't love a good bargain? There are plenty of them to be had if you consider bargain shopping at second-hand stores (consignment or thrift stores). You might find you get a retail "high" by purchasing a name brand jacket for only $5! I sure do!

Some women may not be able to get past the "ick" factor of clothes previously worn--but I assure you if you stay away from undergarments--it's all good and CHEAP! Besides everything can be washed or dry cleaned.

This week at MissusSmartyPants I'll share my tips for shopping second-hand. I'm excited to show you my outfits all purchased for next to nothing.

Have you scored at second-hand shopping? Have you purchased something second-hand at an unbelievable price? I'd love if you'd share your fabulous deal with me. Tell me what you bought and how much you paid.

Here's to nifty thrifty style!


  1. 2nd hand diva here ;)
    less than pennies per wear by now:
    *Black Calvin Klein slacks $12
    *2 pair Calvin Klein jeans $12 & $10 (literally wore them out)
    *a black w/ pink & white print wrap dress $12
    *a pair of Walmart George brand pseudo-suede wedge heel black boots $5 (then later $10 to replace the heel pads b/c I lost one) I have big feet so shoes are hard to find for me.
    *a black lightweight denim jacket $1 (Plato's closet clearance)
    *a pair of VS London jeans $8

    Finds in the past year:
    *a red St John's Bay purse $2
    *8 really good (you can't tell) nursing tops (Japanese Weekend, Motherwear, Motherhood, etc) for $8 or less each
    *a nursing nightgown for $6
    *3 pair of jeans from a friend who culled her closet that fit my postpartum hips $0

  2. Love thrifting!

    My favorite go-to thrifted piece of clothing is a basic black skirt from The Limited that I bought about four years ago. It was "bag day" at the thrift store that day, so I got it along with a whole bag of clothes for $5! I have probably worn that skirt 100 times and it still looks new!

    My newest thrift store grab was an aqua-colored purse. (I think you saw a picture of it on my blog.) I am loving it, and have been surprised how many outfits it goes with.

    I would rather go to a thrift store than to a mall! More variety!

  3. Dang've got some serious bargains on your hands. Since you love them and they flatter your shape, you are truly style savvy shopper!

    Sherry, your story proves it pays to know what day is "bag" day at the thrift store.

    I too have similar thrifted pieces I'm happy about...very basic, great fitting and I enjoy wearing them over and over again...just I think about their "cost per wear" only pennies per wearing!

    Yes, I love your cool aqua bag! Hmmm...I love a really bright handbag this spring...

    I love shopping all price points...but c'mon what woman doesn't love a real bargain?

  4. That's funny Sherry, because I have needed a new purse since having the baby. My $2 red one was from 1/2 price day at the Salvation Army store, and the handles were too short to carry it on my shoulder and all the stuff associated with a baby. I was driving my DH nuts saying I needed a new purse and never coming home with one. Ever since my first red bag 3 years ago, I decided I'd rather have a colorful bag than the boring black and brown ones I'd carried in what should have been my adventurous 20s. Well...I found a teal/turquoise bag that met my requirements at Target on clearance a few weeks ago. $13.
    And shopping the second hand stores near the affluent neighborhoods helps nab the good stuff. My favorite shop was down the street from a college. There were lots of low-rises there that I can't wear, but those CK jeans were a big score for me from that shop. I also got the wrap dress and boots from that same store. Sadly it consolidated with their store further south where I hardly ever travel anymore.

  5. Feisty,

    Sorry your wonderful thrift store moved south. A wrap dress, boots and CK jeans sound like fabulous finds. I got DKNY black jeans for $10 (they were talls too...just what I need at 5'11")

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds!

  6. I went this past weekend to a Goodwill store in the Tulsa, OK area. It was 1/2 price on all clothing items that would fit in a bag. The bag turned out to be a trash bag. I found two Theory pencil skirts, 100% wool for $2.50 each. I got one in black and the other a brown color. They fit me perfectly. I was thrilled! I looked up the price at Bloomingdale's and they cost $190 each.
    I like to window shop the nicest stores, and touch and examine items, then go the Goodwill or thrift stores and find the same pieces for a lot less. I really enjoyed your article.


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