Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fashionably Frustrated

Yes, that last 2 weeks have been fashionably frustrating for me. It's been unusually cold I can't stand it. I've hibernated in the house and sat at my computer all day in pink fuzzy socks. Not something you'd think a self-proclaimed "fashionista" would wear--however honestly true. My style has taken a back seat to staying warm.

With such cold weather I didn't know what to wear for a recent business meeting. I found myself fashionably frustrated and quite frankly at a loss for what to wear. I stood in my cold closet and stared. It seems my closet is not so well equipped for such cold weather. I struggled to put something together that looked half way decent (just shy of the way the Michelin man might look)LOL! It wasn't my best look and I felt crappy that day (I'd rather stay home back in those pink socks).

Now that my style weakness is exposed, I guess I should work on strengthening my cold weather wardrobe...however with the arrival of the new Nordstrom's Spring Catalog this week, I'll just wish for warmer days to hurry up and get here!!!


  1. Hi, MSP, It won't help for the weeks just passed, but I thought you'd like to know that you inspired me to take a bunch of warm clothes to the tailor so I can still wear them! I changed jobs in September. At my previous position, the dress code was casual and the furnace was on overdrive. At my new position, people dress a little more nicely (not formally, but put-together), and the office starts getting chilly when the outside temperature is in the 40s. During those two weeks (I'm in your same state), the room was positively icy! So I dug in the back of the closet for those still-loved but long-unworn wool blazers, pants, and skirts, and took them to be altered. I had one skirt drastically shortened; the others were already at my knees but needed to be taken in. (They were a little big when I bought them many years ago--at the time I thought that was "dressing modestly"--and I've lost weight since then too.) Plus I got rid of the football-player shoulder pads in the jackets. You helped me realize it was worth it, because these are all well-made clothes, and I'm worth it. I can hardly wait to start wearing my "new" wardrobe!

  2. Hi, Leslie,
    I'm glad to see you have those "moments" too, where comfort wins out over fashion!

    I was so excited when I saw you became a follower on my new blog. Looks like you have a great start for yours. I love the picture you've used for the header! I'll be a faithful reader. Hope you have a great day! Sherry from Alabama

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Loretta, sounds like you are really stylin' at work. Woo Hoo! I love when women realize alterations make the clothes fit you just right (such a $ saver in the long run too).

    Sherry...girl you ROCK! Love your cute blog ;)


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