Monday, January 18, 2010

My Big Tent Group is chatting it up!

Happy Monday y'all!

Yesterday I posted a pondering question to my BigTent Style Group..."What new item are you excited to wear this spring?" I'd LOVE to hear what new style you are excited about?

What am I dying to wear as soon as spring arrives? Well, I'm really looking forward to starting the sunny (yet still cool) days with a new pair of WHITE jeans! I always have a fear of "my butt is too big" in them--however this year I'm going for it (that's IF I find the right fitting pair)! BTW:WHITE MEANS SEE-THROUGH (LIKE PIC ABOVE!!!) SO NUDE UNDIES LADIES!

I'm also feeling the need for new gladiator sandals (I have some black ones I love) however, I'm thinking a pair of tarnished gold gladiators would rock my world--and I new handbag, did I mention that yet??

Well, if you want to voice your burning style choices for spring (including new spring colors you've never tried but will this season) is the time to join in on the conversation at BigTent. It's free and full of lots of supportive, yet chatty women!

Jump right in & join us!


  1. Feisty,

    I assume you mean the link to the BigTent Style Group?


  2. OMG, I hope that picture of the white pants above was an example of "What not to wear" ?!

    I'm a member of your group and slowly (very slowly) reading and learning what style-conscious women wear. (I'm rather fashion challenged.) Thanks, Leslie, for sharing your expertise with women like me who just don't "get it"

  3. Anne,

    Yes the white see-through pants are an example of "what NOT to wear"...although if you asked my DH he'd disagree w/ me, LOL!

    Keep dressing your best everyday and trying new things...your style will evolve into something fabulous--I promise! Feel free to ask me if you have a question ;)


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