Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring musing...

Right now swimsuits are showing up in the stores and unless you are taking a cruise to's a bit early to think about showing that much skin. Nonetheless it's a wake up call that spring is right around the corner!

With the arrival of swimsuits in the stores, it gets me thinking about what new styles I want to add to my spring wardrobe this season. What did I love about last spring/summer's wardrobe, and what didn't I love? How can I enjoy my style even more this year?

I loved my black/white twill short-sleeved jacket because it mixed and matched with dress shorts or pants equally well. I know I'll still love it this year, as well as my white denim jacket (since it's cool into April or May).

One item that was a huge void in my warm season wardrobe last year was skirts. I only found one casual skirt I loved at Marshall's--and I wore it often. I never did find an A-line denim skirt that fit just right either. I certainly hope there are more skirt options in the stores this year. Why aren't there lots of skirts options? They are so versatile compared to sundresses.

Recently the spring Nordstrom catalog arrived in my mailbox (another fine indicator spring is on the way)! I've drooled (I really did, LOL!) over each page...all the yummy pastels and cool mixed neutrals...there is lots to LOVE this spring!

I WANT to show you a picture of my latest lusting...(but I'm not yet sure how to post a picture here SMILE :) I love these shoes that are a knock-off of Michael Kors brand sandals ($149) but these Seychelles "She's Got the Look" sandals are only $89! Whoo Hoo!

What are you lusting after?
What do you think you'll want to add to your spring wardrobe? A new colorful handbag? Shoes? New shorts, bright tees?


  1. Oh, yes, I love skirts too! In fact, I have been lusting after the new spring skirts (and dresses)at Boden! (

    My old Singer is still warmed up from the colorful winter skirts I made a couple of months ago. Hobby Lobby is getting in their new spring fabric line and it's calling my name! I think I'm going to be a copycat and make me up some skirts similar to those I'm lusting over. Gotta love spring/summer; no coats, no tights, no boots, just skirts, t's, and sandals. Bring it on!

  2. Right on Sherry! I say "bring it on" too!

    Let me know (perhaps share a pic) when you've made your cute skirts. I'd love to see what they look like.


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