Sunday, January 24, 2010

If shoes make the outfit...then I WANT these!

Shoes are like candy for our wardrobes. We want to have many varieties for our every mood!

I'm visualizing many cute outfits when I have these babies on!

Are you in love with shoes too?


  1. Oh yes!!!! I can always find a cute pair of shoes that fit, but I can't always say the same of clothing :)

  2. How true...maybe that's the beauty of shoes for so many women. Instant style gratification!

  3. I have challenges with my size 10 feet, plus back injuries compounded by a recent pregnancy. I walk hard and need cushion in the heels. All the flats I'm finding have enough cushion in the ball of the foot, and absolutely NONE in the heel. Further proof I'm shopping in all the WRONG places for my shoes. I've been decluttering the old ones, the ones that hurt my feet, the worn out ones....I'm left with sneakers, flip flops, a pair of crocs (Alice in peacock) and dress shoes that might be next on the chopping block.

  4. Love your work, Leslie! I can easily find shoes that fit but they are often not so great to walk in for very long *grin* - I've been searching for comfortable lower heeled shoes as I work from my home studio and I've found a few pairs I'm very happy with since I focused my shopping efforts. I'm flinging the old corporate wardrobe (yay!) and culling the after 5 clothes - but I'm finding it hard to let go of my pretty shoes. I'm sure you're on to something ... I certainly don't mind a dash of instant gratification! Cheers, Suzy ;)

  5. Ah the holy grail of shoes...quite stylish and extremely comfortable!

    Shoe manufacturers are slowly understanding women are dying for shoes that are comfortable & cute! Duh? My question is: why is it taking so long for you to get it??

    I've found brands that are cute and comfy (try these in a Google search) Nurture shoes, Aerosoles, Tryn Rose and Easy Spirit (yes some of them are not so "old lady")

  6. Thanks, Leslie - I'll check them out! Cheers, Suzy

  7. I'm more of a boot lover than a shoe lover, and I wear mine all year long! At 5'10", I am plus-sized and wear a size 11 shoe/boot (UK 9, euro 43). Clarkes (UK brand) are DocMartens fashion line are my favorites for hard-wearing, comfortable and stylish shoes/boots. Invariably I order mine online and wear them for years until they fall apart...

  8. Shoes are my nemesis. For example, these sandals are fabulous and creative -- great for tall, lean women. As a curvaceous petite with MaryLou Retton muscles, well-proportioned shoes are the Holy Grail of my wardrobe. When I do find the rare comfortable pair that fits and is flattering, I buy 2 or more pairs in different colors. I then wear them for 5 or more years!


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