Thursday, June 8, 2017

Do we value ourselves enough? Are we listening to a negative voice in our head, or are we thinking positive thoughts?

What we think has a huge impact on us. I remember this old saying ( I don't know where it is from)..."What we think about, we bring about".  How true it is!

Late last night I couldn't sleep (what else is new?) I read a self-help book I had on my nightstand. I grab this book and read a few pages from time to time, then put it down again. The book title doesn't really matter, but what does matters is what I got from my short reading before getting sleepy: Your reality in life is up to YOU. You make up the thoughts in your head, ultimately. Despite what anyone thinks about you (your outer appearance, your personality)...You are in charge. Despite your circumstances (those are temporary because you can change them) or anything else that has happened in your life thus far; your happiness starts in your head and it starts when you choose to let it happen.

I choose to let my light shine. I am happy. I love myself. I will stand tall, smile and enjoy all that life has to offer. No regrets, no appologies-to anyone. My life is up to me. I choose happiness and want to share my positivity with those around me. This is my truth and my reality. What's your truth and your choice?

P.S. What does this have to do with style and fashion? Everything! If you respect yourself your outer appearance will show this truth. 

4 Steps to Chic

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