Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MissusSmartyPants: 12 Steps to Chic Style

MissusSmartyPants: 12 Steps to Chic Style

J Crew ruffled dress
$125 -


Beach tote

Eugenia Kim straw hat
$470 -


  1. Hi, what am I missing? The headline says 12 Steps to Chic Style but I don't see any article.

  2. Dear Joyful, This is a reminder of what the weekly style topic is at ...As a style member you get the complete article about 12 things you can quickly do to instantly "up" your style.

  3. Here's a snippet introducing the weekly topic (which by the way is now posted online)...Change begins when you the first step. It's this first step that often feels shaky and uncertain. Sometimes it feels more like a leap of faith or perhaps it's a jump out of your comfort zone. Regardless of how intense this first step might be; it's a good thing when it comes to your style. This feeling of newness and excitement means something awesome is about to happen!

    This week's article: "12 Steps to Chic Style" are simple steps that will energize your wardrobe (and your spirit)...and help you get your style mojo back.

    These 12 items are clever ways to help you take that first step. It will amaze you how doing just one of these twelve steps can propel your style'll want to do them all!


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