Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Should I Cover Up My Wobbly Arms In Hot Weather?

Covering up my arms in hot weather...Yes or no?
Dear Leslie,

On most days unless it's extremely hot outside, I prefer to cover my wobbly upper arms. I really do feel more comfortable when my upper arms are covered rather than exposed. I live in the south so most days are pretty warm but I try to keep them covered.

Can you recommend a cute style of top that I won't overheat in and one that still allows my upper arms to be covered? I'm a body type C in case that helps. I have learned so much from your program and really love getting it every Thursday. 
Thanks! Fondly, Maureen
MSP HERE: Dear Maureen,
Thanks for your style question. I feel any woman that wants to go sleeveless should. There is no reason to feel we must have 'perfect' arms (most of us don't). But I also understand if you aren't comfortable, well then you aren't comfortable--end of story.
If you choose to cover your arms, there are lots of cute and trendy tops to choose from that will keep you cool. 

Use these tips to help you find the best sleeve/top styles:
1. Avoid styles that are too constrictive
2. Avoid sleeves that stop at your wide part of your upper arm (like a cap or short sleeves)
3. Look for tops that stop around or close to the lower-bicep to elbow area (most flattering sleeve length)
4. If upper arms are heavy, yet you want to go sleeveless, look for tanks with wide straps (avoid spaghetti straps)
FYI: This season Chicos has some really great style options you will love...I'm all about you NOT overheating, LOL!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

Monday, May 4, 2015

DEAR Missus Smarty Pants,

I cannot believe the compliments coming my way.  I am 62 years old and about 30 pounds overweight, but people are frequently saying “you look sassy,” “you looked very pretty at our meeting,” “have you lost weight?”  I haven’t received these kinds of remarks since I was 40.  And they’re coming from my colleagues and friends who are 30 years younger than I am!

What a difference proper fit, style, proportion and color make.  Systers, I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but never believe that style is irrelevant.  People will listen to you and pay attention to your message when you are pleasant to look at. Why not make an effort to look good?    

It costs very little but a little time, and it’s time very well spent.   

Thank you, thank you, Leslie for your knowledge and generous sharing of your skills.

Best regards and all my thanks for helping me dress for my body type, Carol

MSP HERE: Hi Carol, 

Thanks for sharing your style testimonial. Having great style at any age gives a woman such an uplifting feeling - and you are living proof! 

Carol you are so right, "People will listen to you and pay attention to your message when you are pleasant to look at.  Why not make an effort to look good? " Your words say it all. 

Love, Leslie MSP

Proper fit, style, proportion and color...PLUS weekly tips like these from MissusSmartyPants.com

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A "PSA" from MissusSmartyPants.com

Some days we need a hug and a positive affirmation that we are enough--just the way we are. Sure, we've got our "imperfections" but they are part of what makes us uniquely who we are. We must therefore relax and accept ourselves first, before we can move forward or make changes in our life.

Accepting yourself first allow you to share yourself enthusiastically with others. When your inner light shines through amazing things begin to happen.

As a fashion stylist, I believe women are most beautiful when they truly love and believe in themselves!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Wardrobe Extending Trick to Try!

As a fashion stylist, I recommend always wearing a "completer" piece. What's a completer piece, you ask? A completer piece can be a variety of items from your closet. From a classic blazer, a denim jacket, to a vest--or anything else that adds an extra "pop" to what you're wearing-even a bold accessory will do. 

It's the "completer piece" that takes a basic top and bottom and makes it into an "outfit".

Yet, there is another way to e-x-t-e-n-d your core wardrobe. Wear two dresses at the same time. This clever wardrobe-extending idea works quite well when one a sweater dress and the other is a shirt-dress. 

Below, is an example of what I'm talking about...wearing your clothes in different ways to extend your wardrobe. You'll add more style while NOT needing to buy more clothes! There you have it, bam. Style crisis solved without any outlay of cash.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Are you still wasting precious time on "body hate"

"Fully enjoy the wonder of each moment"...I saw this quote as I was scrolling through my Instagram phone app. It made me take pause because not everyone is privileged to grow old and gray. We are lucky to be alive! Live each day like it's a gift to YOU-not something to begrudge! 

STOP WAITING ON THE SIDE LINES OF LIFE! Join in and be your best person--for you. Whatever is holding you back (read: excuses) not enough money, need a better job, need to lose 20 lbs. need to declutter your closet first...WHATEVER it is-release it and start living your life today! 


Dearest MissuSmartyPants,

About 6 months ago I purchased my personal profile (I'm a very curvy B) and learned a lot but didn't put any of it into practice until about 3 months ago.

Finally, after years of HATING my body and crying whenever I tried clothes on in a dressing room, I am able to look in the mirror and stand tall! I accept the flaws with the idea that I can improve by going to the gym, eating better, and more importantly, I can finally ACCEPT that I have assets as well.

This is HUGE for me because I am finally able to take pride in my appearance instead of just throwing on whatever was available. I’ve now lost almost 20 lbs because I’m more aware of my body and want to take care for it. Wow your style help was the turning point for me!

Thank you so much for encouraging me to love my shape. Deb

***What are you waiting for?! Time to love yourself...and dress for today!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Small Changes, Better Style

Wow Leslie!

I can't believe the difference in the clothes from my own closet since receiving my personal profile newsletters.

It has been so amazing to go to my own closet and find "new" clothes. I've altered the way that I put outfits together and what a difference it has made!

Twice this week I was asked if I had lost weight and that I looked nice!
I was wearing the same clothes that have been hanging in my closet but instead of trying to hide behind them I gave Missus Smarty Pants a try and followed her advice (I'm a B). 

I even feel like I've lost 10 pounds just by making these simple changes. Thank you, thank you for this "aha" moment and showing me how. I look forward to many more profile newsletters full of tips and guidance!
Fondly, Angela

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is Your Neckline Too Low?

Every woman wants to look well put-together. You certainly aren't going to look that way if your neckline is gaping open!

Here are 2 ways to deal with a neckline that's too low:

 Below, a sparkly post earring has been used to hold the neckline in place
What other "clever" style tricks have you tried? Please share!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Outfits By Color Season

One of the best things you can do to improve your style is to dress in clothing silhouettes that flatter your particular shape. When you know what to wear and what to avoid, your personal image really starts to come together--and so does your confidence. There is nothing better than seeing a woman walking tall with a smile of confidence on her face!

The second best thing you can do to improve your style is to dress in clothes that are in a particular color palette that is just right for your hair, eye and skin coloring. When a woman does this, she simply glows and looks healthy and vibrant!

Do these two things...
 and you will discover your own true brand of beauty!

P.S. MSP's popular article "Outfit Suggestions Based on Color Season" is only available for a few days more! Take advantage of this fabulous resource today!!!

 (This above article is available to those with an active MSP Personal Profile)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MSP's Weekly Style Missions

Working on your style in small, bite-size pieces is the best way to become more stylish. It's so much better than dumping your whole wardrobe on the floor and starting over from scratch. If you are desperate to make some changes in your appearance, by far this is the worst thing you could possibly do!

Making quick (and often irrational) decisions with your stale outdated wardrobe (like dumping just about everything in the trash can) will end up costing you more in the long run. You will end up making poor choices because it takes time to really understand what you need and want. A good wardrobe is made up of a small amount of core pieces and each piece should be the correct silhouette for your body type. 

One of the best ways to start improving your style is with weekly style missions. Taking on one weekly mission that will improve your style will teach you what is the most flattering for you. It also gets you to explore with colors, jewelry, accessories and more!

Check out the FREE weekly style missions over at MissusSmartyPants.com (or sign up and have them emailed to you each week). 

In fact, take a peek at this week's MSP's Weekly Style Mission. It's about "dressing backwards" and using brooches in creative ways to "up your style". Style should be fun. It's a process or journey. Enjoy what you wear--let your clothes express the woman you are!

Get creative...think out of the box! You can wear a brooch so many different ways. Wear it on...READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

4 Steps to Chic

1. Start with a feminine top 2. Pair with classy slacks 3. Ground with bold shoes 4. Finish with statement earrings ...