Monday, February 1, 2010

Sneek Peek Monday

 Yup, I'm shopping at Goodwill this week! So many stylish bargains to be found (among the crap of course)

 Good Monday morning y'all!

I'm excited about this week's topic...but then I can pretty much say that every week, can't I?

Since I'm a frugal girl at heart, it will be fun to share this week's style article called "Second-hand Sally"!

I've taken lots of pictures of outfits I've made from my frugal finds. I hope my outfits inspire you in your closet.

I'll also share tips to make your second-hand shopping a real treasure hunt!


  1. There are so many weeds at many of the second hand shops, that it makes it difficult to see the flowers in there! But oooohhhh, when you find the flowers, they're absolutely awesome ;)

  2. Leslie, agree wholeheartely about thrift store shopping. I've been doing it for years, WAY before it was the cool and green thing to do.

    Wanted to mention something about the Goodwill store in my area, Murrells Inlet, just south of Myrtle. THey have a "loyalty" card, you earn enough points with purchases and get a 25% discount off a purchase. I don't know as though I'll ever earn enough but it's a nice little extra. I'm assuming all the stores have this card. The clothes in the store near me are all mashed together, no separating by size or color, so it really is a crap shoot. The thrift stores where I'm from originally, upstae NY, are fabulous. All arranged by size, then by color within a size. ANd I've found that the stores in the crappiest part of town has the best stuff.

  3. Oooooh, just had to let you know; I ran in Sally's for just a peek Saturday and found THE white button-up blouse to die for, and it is a perfect fit! It is detailed with little pleats all around at the waistline, making it the "perfect" blouse for this B-profile body! I'm so looking forward to your article this Thursday!

  4. Sherry,

    I'm so happy you found THE white button-up blouse! So nice to have a great fitting one that can be worn so many different ways and for a fabulous price, no doubt!

    I shared your comment on BlogTalk Radio today, BTW!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    As much as the idea of second hand shopping appeals to me, the idea has not taken off in Malaysia. You see, we are an emerging country where our forefathers have worked hard to get us where we are today and buying second hand seems to be a step back from modernity. Firstly, we do not have Goodwill or "Sally's" and the few second-hand clothes shop that we do have caters to male migrant workers.
    However, I am glad that you do have good stores that carry clothes which look good.....I do enjoy looking at your finds! Keep up the good work Leslie!

  6. I wish my Goodwill was that neat! They try to cram as much stuff as they can into the racks at my local Goodwill, which makes it very hard to really see what there is. I still plan to go peruse the racks this weekend, though, and hope to have as good luck as you!

  7. Good luck w/ your shopping expedition Ruth. I do love that my Goodwill is by item (sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeve shirts)---then ALL colorized!

    Makes shopping so much easier because you can thumb through faster in areas of interest.

    Report back any fabulous finds!

  8. Thanks for sharing your finds. This week's style article was sooo fun! I'll keep you guys posted when I acquire some fabulous finds too!


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