Friday, February 5, 2010

Get the most out of your clothes!

First of all, I guess I could be smiling in this photo, huh? Oh well. I was happy inside. Why? Because I was wearing my favorite colorful scarf (goes w/ everything) and because I like to stretch my wardrobe dollars as much as possible. This outfit does just that.

When I shop for my closet or take one of my clients shopping, I'm always looking for wardrobe pieces that extend a wardrobe. Like in this picture. This "second-hand" gray sheath dress (purchased for $4.99) actually looks like a straight skirt...NOT a dress.

That's the beauty of a sheath dress (or other basic pieces). You can layer underneath the dress with a shirt blouse or a turtleneck. However, many women don't ever think to layer OVER their dresses.

How about you? Have you layered over the top of your dresses, or is this look/style new to you? I'm interested in how you stylishly extend your wardrobe!


  1. Leslie - I enjoy this blog and thought you might too.

  2. I actually did that on this past Sunday. I wore a long ruffly silk skirt and sweater shrug over a knee length black dress. The skirt of the dress acted as a great slip and the top of the dress was perfect under the shrug.

  3. Sounds fabulous Laryssa!I love layering fun and gives you a unique look.


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