Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Accessory Advantage


Are you looking to shake up your "same old, same old" look?

If so you must include accessories! Use accessories to your advantage. Most women wear the same earrings or necklace all the time. Why be boring and predictable? Why not look great & learn how to use accessories (like jewelry, belts, scarves) to your advantage! Accessories are actually a "style tool" that can balance your proportions (not to mention they show our unique sense of style).
Where you place a brooch (or other accessory) can bring attention to that area (like up at your neckline) and away from other areas. Talk about product placement! Bring attention to the good bits and minimize the not so good with simple styles and darker colors where you don't want the attention.

Solve your need for "retail therapy" in a CHEAP way! Nowadays, we are all pinching our pennies. Use accessories to your advantage here. You can use brooches, belts, scarves, etc. to add style to the same 'ol jacket you've been wearing all season! Add a colorful belt over your cream-colored cardigan. A new look w/ a minimal investment. I love that.

What accessories are your favorites? Scarves, earrings, belts? How have you used accessories to your style advantage?


  1. I've been using more accessories lately and I'm one of those "wear the same thing everyday" person. I'm calling it my DIS-comfort zone. I was much more comfortable that way, but I'm getting used to the better way!
    The other day, I used a scarf to "hide" the fact that my cardigan had shrunk a tad in the wash and buttoning it made gaps. No one knew! I love brooches. I have a collection of vintage and I'm using them more often too. Can't quite make myself wear a belt yet, though.

  2. Good for you! Wearing accessories not only makes us feel more stylish--they save us $! You can dress up the same 'ol clothes and have a different look :)

    I like how you used a scarf to "hide" your shrunken cardigan! Another handy way accessories can help us. I'm sure you'll get around to trying belts soon...perhaps a skinny one?

  3. I loved your radio show and article on accessories this week! Seeing the pictures of you actually tying the scarf made it all so plain for this visual learner! I have several scarves but was never sure how to wear them. I am wearing one tonight when we go out to celebrate our son's 27th birthday. Thanks again!
    Sherry from AL

  4. Sherry,

    First of all happy birthday to your son!

    I'd love it if you would share a picture of you wearing your scarf.

    I hope my step by step guide helps all of our SYSters :)

  5. Thanks, Leslie! The picture is on its way to you!


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