Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Tuesday musing...

If men are left to their own devices...they might wear the craziest things! These pictures made me laugh and scratch my head. Come on a man in capris, not to mention a bad mixture of plaid. Oh my!

These pictures got me thinking...do you help your man dress?

How does your man do when he decides on his clothes by himself. My husband does pretty good, but loves a little input from me. I also have to say he is quite honest with what I'm wearing. If he doesn't like something, he will certainly let me know! Funny though, I might not always take HIS advice and change! LOL! 

Just got me thinking: "how many women help their man dress?"


  1. Omigod, it's SO true! I'm so mean to my single guy friends about their fashion choices. I just don't understand what they see sometimes.

  2. You don't mean to your hurt your guys...just trying to HELP & make sure they look presentable! LOL!

    Guys need US!

  3. Have to say that my DH does pretty well. Wears a suit during the week and dark jeans/hip t-shirts at the weekend. Manages to mix law and rock n'roll! ;D

    But if I'm buying for him, I keep in mind your guidelines, L! :)

  4. My dh has more clothes than I do actually. It's largely golf shirts that were given to him by someone clearing out the closet, and khakis etc that he's picked up along the way.
    I don't often shop for him because I have gotten some things he never wore.
    However, 17 years ago when we first met at age 16...um. wow. Of course I was no fashion saint either. His first memory of me was white shorts with a pair of dark green underwear beneath. I obviously didn't pay attention to my undergarments when I picked out my clothes that morning. (Another argument for picking out your clothes the night beforehand right?)

  5. Girl if men were left to their own devices they'd be wearing robes and house shoes everyday. Mmph.


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