Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another way to tie a scarf

Several weeks ago, MissusSmartyPants showed on her website a method of tying a long silk scarf.  She tied the opposite ends of the scarf together and made a circular shape out of the whole fabric of the scarf.  Then somehow she stuffed part of the scarf through that hole that she formed and the result made this beautiful shorten version of the scarf with draping fabric.  But I can't figure out how she did it.  Can you please let me know how this worked?  Thanks so much!! Elaine

Dear Elaine,

I've been getting tons of email about my lastest scarf tying I've decided to post it right here!

In order for this to look good, you will need a long rectangular thin fabric scarf (like the georgette fabric one I'm using here)...

Tie the corners together creating one continuous scarf...(there should be a opening in the middle between the knotted ends)

Now put it around your neck keeping the knot at the front...

Wrap it around your neck for a second time...

Now pull the fabric through (between the knots)...

Ta Da! You are done...

OR wear it turned to the side, like this below...

What do you think of my scarf?


  1. Very pretty, but wow what a long scarf! How long is that? Where could I find a long narrow scarf like that?

  2. I love it! Thank you for posting this :-) It worked really well with my scarf that's about 6 feet long.

  3. It is so funny that you posted this today. I had printed out your instructions on doing this and this morning I wanted to wear a scarf to church. I tried and tried to tie my scarf like you did, but I could not figure it out. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Not too sure what you mean by "between the knots" since there is only one. Do you mean you tuck the new loop into the knot so it stays doubled? Are you pulling it through so the new loop shows? Or just wenough so it is secured? Or do I have it all wrong?

  5. @Yayanana....let me walk you through it.

    The scarf has 4 corners, right? When you fold the scarf in 1/2 then tie the 2 ends together, then the other 2 ends together...this creates a "hole" in the middle. This is where you will put the scarf through to create the "poof". (After you wrap it around your neck twice.

    I hope that helps! :) I get lots of compliments when I wear a scarf like this.

  6. All my scarves are about twice as wide and all have about a 4 inch fringe on the end. Is there any cool ways to wear these type? I usually just fold the scarf so it is the same width as yours and go from there but I can't use the method above since the fringe gets in the way and the material is too thick since it is folded in half.

    Also all my scarves are about the same length as the above including the fringe.

  7. On "Sewing with Nancy" she featured new ways to wear scarves, or recycle an old one into a new look. If you can sew, you can butt up the ends of a rectangular scarf and use a joining stitch on your sewing machine to make a permanent loop of scarf. It's a great way to use a smaller scarf.

  8. @ Qat, your wider fringed scarves look great when you start at the front and put the ends over your shoulder then bring them around to the front. It creates a nice collared look.

    You may want to invest in a scarf like mine so you can wear one in a new scarf pictured is from Target!

    @ Lena...thanks for sharing how you can recycle an older scarf into a new look! I'll check out "sewing w/ Nancy". I love sewing ideas :) It sounds like the popular "infinity" scarf!

  9. This is so cool and really pretty. I just did it with a much shorter scarf. What I did was put it over my head, with bows in front - and then I just pulled the extra length through the hole and fluffed :-) Worked beautifully. Thanks so much for this great idea!

  10. I like it.. a lot! Very pretty.. and so easy. It is also sort of a DIY infinity scarf (love those too). Thanks for sharing! -Tammy

  11. I just found your blog through Flylady and Pinterest! Your technique is an interesting way to tie. Thanks! One trick that I learned several years ago is to use a small rubber band (or double a larger one)to pull a part of both ends of you scarf through. When you pull a certain length of the scarf through, you have a pouffy "bow" shape that can be changed by how much you pull through. The rubber band is completely hidden by the parts of the scarf that you pull through. You can shorten lots of types of scarves using this technique!


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