Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finding Style in Chaos

Everything in its place and a place for everything. It's certainly comforting to have organization in your life. However, it's not an easy task to keep things in order (especially when you tend to procrastinate). It takes daily routines to bring organization and peace into your daily life (thank you FlyLady for helping us).

 I love organization and everything in its place....but sometimes to get new ideas (and outfits) I have to get creative AND let chaos take over!

Give in to the closet chaos! Set your timer for 15 minutes and as you go through your closet (one shelf at a time) items you no longer wear. Think of new ways you might wear each item OR get them out of your closet! Don't hold on to something you are not going to wear (clutter)...bless someone else.

Get in your closet and create a mess (or go through the mess one shelf at a time).
Mixing things up creates new outfits!

Think about it. Any great artist had a messy studio! When the creative juices get flowing--it gets messy. Yeah, you have to clean it up, but some good comes of the mess so don't feel bad about it. It is part of the process and there are lots of great things "hiding" in the depths of your closet that you have simply forgot about.

Give an old sweater a new lease on life! Can you match up a scarf that has the same color in it and wear them together?

(photo Ann Taylor Loft)

Stop frowning at that pile of laundry. Instead, think of it as an opportunity. That pile of laundry holds potential outfits! As you start putting away laundry, think of ways you can wear that turtleneck under (or over) your sleeveless sheath dress, think of how you can layer that green cardigan (or wear it as a shirt) with a jacket over the top. What jewelry would look fabulous with that light lavender tank you are putting away? How about wearing two necklaces at the same time with that lavender tank???

Stop wearing the same predictable combinations. Yes, they look great together, but putting that purple jacket with something else besides the same gray pants would really wake up your closet's potential! You have more clothing choices (combinations) in your closet than you realize!

Is your "hot spot" the bedroom chair? If so, as you tackle this hot spot, perhaps you can see some new mixing and matching potential here. How about wearing those black pants with that curry sweater (you slung on that chair) and add your layered pearl necklace that never gets worn? You might just create some new looks as you do you de-clutter that hot spot!

Your chaos holds creativity! Embrace the chaos and work with it. Start your routines and let your creativity flow in the process. Who knows what you'll find..."you can do anything for 15 minutes"!

Would you have ever considered wearing a sequined top and a striped knit scarf one outfit?

(photo Ann Taylor Loft)

Find style in your chaos...15 minutes at a time. I like to put on up-beat music and put away my clothes...all the while I'm thinking of how else I might wear each item. It's a great thing to do as you lay out your clothes the night before too.

This outfit below was created out of my "closet chaos"...I had never worn this green tank over my sheath dress before. Since the tank is casual in style, I decided to wear my gray sweater hoodie to pull the whole look together.

Have you ever "found" new outfits amist your clutter? Share with me your closet creativity stories...

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