Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrity Inspired Style

I've let the "celebrity" style of Heidi Klum inspire my style: A blouson top with rolled up skinnies and heels....

Having your own sense of style involves creativity – 
even if it’s just choosing how you'll wear a few basic pieces from your wardrobe on given day. 

Being creative is fun...but sometimes you need a little help. Just like artists and writers often look for inspiration in nature or from other people, as budding "fashionistas"--we need a little inspiration too!

There are many ways to get your style juices flowing, however one fabulous way is to find a celebrity "double". A celebrity "double" is someone you look to for fashion inspiration. (Personally I have several celebrity "doubles" I look to for inspiring my style...Heidi Klum and Reese Witherspoon). 

Your chosen celebrity should have a similar shape and coloring to you...and more importantly they should have a dressing style that you admire. Every time you see them on TV or in magazines, etc. take note of what they are wearing and WHY you think they look good--or not. Is it the color, fit or unusual way of putting together an outfit that makes you love (or hate) that particular look?
Why are celebrities so special??? Really they are not that special even though they are on TV...YOU are just as special! But one thing they've got that you don't have is their own personal stylists (although IF you use my weekly style service--you've got me as your stylist to help you, LOL!) These famous people pay professionals big bucks to dress them in all the latest clothes for fancy events as well as when they are being "seen" walking down the street with their Starbucks in hand. Many of these "random" photos come out right before a big movie premiere or book reveal! Coincidence, huh? Not really...everything a celebrity does is PLANNED by their "people". Celebrities need to be seen and need to look FABULOUS! Take your style queues from your celebrity double!

Get Celebrity Inspired Style by:Copying someone who looks like you. A celebrity whose hair color, height, etc., is close to yours is best. Don’t expect to find a perfect twin of yourself-but at least someone you identify with and with whom you have lots of similaritiesFind a celebrity with a similar shape. If your celebrity's shape is like your can "copy" the styles they wear fairly confidently!Look for someone with similar sense of style. If you can find a celeb who’s personal style resembles your own, that’s another great way to get inspiration and try new styles you never thought of before!

Jennifer Hudson was a good choice for many plus size ladies...but now she's more of an hourglass body type "B"!

Kate Hudson is often quite stylish and is a great style "double" for a body type "A"

I love Helen Mirren's style (especially because she wears her sense of style so well (and always so age appropriate too)! 

WHO have you used as your "celebrity double"???

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  1. I really love Heidi Klum's style, especially when she is in casual wear! I love the rolled skinnys paired w/ heels to dress the outfit up just a tad bit. Heidi Klum along w/ other celebrities can be found in my Celebrity x Fashion collection on SocialBliss!


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