Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Beauty Tip You Can Use...

Recently I shared with you a story about using bad (expired) makeup. I had a small jar of eye wrinkle cream in my makeup drawer. After cleaning out the makeup drawer, I decided to keep the eye wrinkle cream (an expensive brand) and use it all up. So after washing my face that evening I applied it around my eyes. By time the next morning arrived, my eye lid had PUFFED UP and it was red, tender and swollen up! I looked like I had some type of contagious disease!!! It was embarrassing and I was miserable for days!!!

The moral to the above story is DON'T use OLD MAKEUP. 
Toss it out, when in doubt.

Since makeup/beauty products have a limited shelf life, let's NOT take chances when it has expired.

BEAUTY TIP: use a permanent marker and DATE your new makeup containers when you add them to your drawer....

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  1. It's a hard lesson to learn but you only need to learn it once! I have older relatives that want to clear out the stuff but can't bear to throw anything away-don't tell, but I throw it out when they give it to me! I have really sensitive skin in the first place, so I just don't take any chances!

  2. So I scrolled down and didn't read first but thought, "Wow, now Sharpie has an eye-liner. I bet it's really long lasting."

  3. Nice post. I never use old make-up as I had a bad experience once.

  4. I date make-up for the date I need to toss it, not the date I open it. That way I don't have to remember later. (I do the same for food in the fridge and freezer.) Somehow it just works better that way.

  5. Lisa, I like the idea of writing on the date to toss. tis

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