Monday, July 12, 2010

A Makeup Mishap!

Dear Leslie,

I can’t say enough about your website! Every time I get a compliment, I give you the credit and tell everyone about how wonderful you are! Bless you for sharing this style help to so many women at such an affordable price.

The Personal Profiles are making a huge difference on how I dress now but I also find the weekly style missions are really good too.

Last week you had us clean out our makeup drawers. I did but I have one container of eye shadow I just can not throw out. I paid good money and love the color but it is a shattered mess. The powder was all inside my makeup bag. I’d love to keep my eye shadow but simply hate the mess it has created. Do you have any suggestions?


Dear Charlene,

Thank you for the sweet comments!

I love hearing is helping you improve your style. It does feel fabulous when other people give you compliments about what you are wearing.

I do have a way you can keep your broken eye shadow and return it to almost its original state:

If your eye shadow is broken like this...

 Sorry about the pictures being a bit dark (I'll work on improving that ;) 

As you can see from my step-by-step photos, you need to crush the remaining eyeshadow in a baggie, then add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and mix. Cut a small hole in bag and put the mixture back into the eye shadow container. Allow it to dry overnight and your eye shadow will be "almost" new again!

Love, Leslie


  1. Thanks Leslie! I've tried similar "fixes" with just water before, but I think the rubbing alcohol may work as a better "binder" for the material. (Off to fix a broken blusher now...)

  2. I would worry about putting rubbing alcohol on my eye lids, even in small amounts as it is a skin irritant. Does it evaporate?
    This is Kedrann by the way, my dh's google account was the one logged in. :)

  3. dear kedrann, whenever alcohol is exposed to air it tends to evaporate, so i imagine if it is dry, the alcohol is pretty much gone.

  4. Y'all don't worry about the alcohol...Kedrann is right it evaporates! You need it to put back together your broken makeup.


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Love, Leslie

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