Friday, July 2, 2010

What I love about summer, minus the "double denim" look

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of summer, I'm anxious to partake in all this season has to offer--before it's gone! Soft serve ice cream cones, watermelon, wearing bedazzed flip flops, bright-colored tank tops, comfy sundresses and warm toes in the sand...(and maybe a tall adult beverage w/ an umbrella in it would be good too, LOL!)

Another thing I love about summer is wearing my casual denim shorts. They say relax and don't take your day too seriously when I wear them. Which gets me thinking about the "new" summer trend that was spotted on many fashion runways for spring/summer 2010. The good news is I have NOT seen much of this "new"trend. Which trend, you ask? WEARING DOUBLE DENIM!!!

Can one be a fashionista and truly pull off a "double denim" look? Is it possible to look "fashionable" wearing two pieces of denim??? I highly doubt one can. Or maybe it's just that I CAN'T pull off this trend?

Even though this may become a new trend that we MIGHT actually take seriously down the road...I'm not liking the idea of wearing two denim pieces in one outfit! It's simply overkill and looks very un-styled when worn together, in my humble opinion. I mean with all the denim being worn top and bottom, why not add a denim handbag why you are at it--and shoes?

In the top picture, I feel Vanessa Hudgens rocks her double denim look ONLY because the shorts she is wearing are black. Wearing double denim the SAME SHADE looks crappy (in my opinion of course). This picture below I think makes my point. Even though it's a professional ad for jeans--it looks washed out and boring:

What say YOU? Do you feel wearing "double denim" is a fashion faux pas or that a true fashionista should be able to rock this style? Have you worn "double denim" and felt good about it? I sure want to know!

What is worse than an outfit of "double denim"? How about a couple all glammed out in nothing but a sea of denim blue??! (I have to admit, it's kinda cute that you like your guy so much you want to match him)

Maybe it's just a guy think?  I have noticed that somehow guys with a cool vibe can pull off a "double denim" look. For example, Zac Efron below looks pretty snazzy! Is double denim only for young guys or only if the denim pieces are of a different shade? I'm just wondering if this trend does become a full blown style how I'd pull it off?

I'd love to hear your opinion about loading up on denim in one outfit. Do you purposely avoid wearing a denim jacket because you are wearing blue jeans? What say YOU? A do or a don't?


  1. I used to wear double denim because the only light jacket I had was denim. And I wore jeans all the time. Then I discovered you and I don't wear it anymore ;-) I found a great tan twill jacket a few weeks ago that I can wear with my jeans, and save the denim one for dresses or non-denim pants. I do like the first picture you posted. The shirt she's wearing is much lighter in weight than her shorts...more like a chambray than a denim. Anyway, on her I think the looks works. I think that the double denim only works if both the colours and fabric weights are significantly different.

  2. Good point Jo, when the fabric weights are different as well as the washes it makes it a possible choice.

    However, when I see someone wear double denim I personally cringe. It bugs me to see women dress unstyled when there are so many other easy and cute ways to dress!

    I guess I feel this is my mission in life and I just want to reach out and help as many women as I can feel and look pretty!

    Good for you Jo to get a versatile tan twill jacket that you can wear with your jeans and just about everything else in your closet!

  3. All that ever comes to mind with double denim is 'Texas Tuxedo'! The different shades of color make it wearable, but I don't think I'm going to wear it.


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