Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Long Makeup Lasts...and when to pitch it!

Ever have a nasty eye infection from using expired makeup? I have. It was pretty bad too.

I got said nasty eye infection from an eye cream that was suppose to "smooth fine lines and crows feet". Well, whatever. I ended up with a pus-inflamed red eye lid that looked like I had something contagious! I stayed home for DAYS people! If I would have seen someone like me (Cyclops) walking around town... I would have gathered up my small children and ran the other way--FAST!!!

The point is, don't take chances with makeup (especially anything that goes near your eyes). When it doubt--toss it out! I've always tossed questionable left-over food and milk past the expiration date without hesitation.  But, I guess sometimes a gal just has to learn things the HARD WAY! LOL!

I found this cool info-graph telling you when to toss it OUT!



  1. Glad you got prompt medical attention, MSP! You're very wise. I've been having a sensitivity problem with ALL mascaras, eyeliners, and removers lately. My eyes are red and dry the morning after I remove them, and I can only wear eye makeup once or twice a week because of this. It's MISERABLE! But my ophthalmologist is anti-eye makeup :(

  2. Caris, Best of luck with your eye problems and eye makeup sensitivity. Sometimes, it's just not worth it. However, if you could find an all-natural product you love, it would be really nice.

    I'm super careful now about what I put on my face...especially anything around my eyes! I've found out I've got cornea erosion and I need special ointment in my eyes nightly from now on. Nope, I'm not taking any chances with OLD makeup ever again!


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