Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do's & Don'ts for Summer Style

Show your style this summer. It's easy to do with these quick tips...regardless of how hot it is outside! (Okay, it's pretty darn hot, but still I'd have to say these tips will help!)

Do wear white this summer-it’s cool and refreshing! But be sure to wear nude-colored undergarments underneath. Do not wear white underwear or cute flower printed underwear—because they will show through!

Ah, yes the print will show through...wear ONLY nude undies under your whites...

Don’t wear a bathing suit top that does not have enough coverage. Don’t let the “girls” go unsupported! Go full coverage, get outside and enjoy.

Do find the right bra for the type of shirt or sundress you are wearing. Avoid straps peeking out by selecting a racer-back, a strapless, a convertible bra, or a bra with clear straps-there are so many choices select one that works for what you are wearing!

Get the right bra for the job! Undergarments are called that for a reason, LOL!
Don’t over-do a style! Example: too much denim! Only 1 piece at a time-easy does it! Wear khakis with your jean jacket. Only farmer John should be head-to-toe in denim! I've also heard the double-denim look called the "Canadian Tuxedo" a woman from Canadian heritage I say very funny y'all!

Even Britney and K-fed couldn't pull of the double-denim look!

Do look fashionable this summer and only spending a little! The cheapest way to up-date your look is to update your accessories! Buy an inexpensive straw tote (on sale everywhere). These popular carry-alls in bright colors will grab all the attention. No one with notice last year’s shorts-when they are admiring your cute bag that costs only ten bucks!

Don’t wear boots with short-shorts--ever! It’s not working, so you shouldn’t look like you are! LOL! Each summer there’s always someone that thinks they can pull this off-FYI…No you can’t!

Which season are you in, huh? Nothing but style confusion with this look!

Do try the new longer shorts for work! Pick shorts that are of a dressy fabric and tailored. Top off with a nice fitted knit top and a long matching necklace and some slip-on shoes with at least 1” heel. Be the one with style in your casual office!

Don’t be a stuffed sausage! Don’t wear shorts that are too tight, they create unsightly horizontal lines. Get the proper fit--and style for your body shape! 

Also, wear a more appropriate short length!!!

 Do wear sunglasses! There are some fun new styles out there! Feel like a movie star with the larger square-shaped ones. (Make them wonder which celebrity you are!)

 Don’t forget to drink you water! Your complexion will look much better when you are hydrated. Who doesn’t want to look younger or healthier while beating the heat?
 Do take MissusSmartyPants’ advice and give yourself a “face-lift” with a new hairstyle! If your hair is feeling un-styled, tired and hot on your neck...update with a new sassy ‘do!

Do get out and enjoy time with your family this summer! You look great, so you’ll feel great too!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
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  1. One purchase I'm happy I made this summer (well, two purchases actually) was two hats. One is from LL Bean, which I haven't worn yet, but the other one is a really stylish Panama Fedora. I got a lot of compliments when I wear it ... although one bus driver looked at me askance, as if to say, "What a character!" I find the right hat keeps my head cool and shaded in the heat, and keeps the sun off my face and out of my eyes. I'm so glad I bought hats for the summer!

    BTW, some of those pictures are a little scary, LOL!

    I know double denim is not stylish, but I love denim, and I have a denim suit - pants, skirt and jacket. Is it wrong that I want to wear it? It's too feminine looking for me to look like a convict! I haven't worn it yet. What say you, MSP? Could denim on denim ever work?

  2. I'm with you on the idea of hats being a good summer purchase! I purchased a "Wala Roo" hat from REI around Mother's Day...I couldn't be happier. In fact I'm wearing it today to go walk the dog! Keeping the sun off your face and looking stylish go hand in hand! I like the fedora hat idea. I might need to steal that one from YOU!

    Denim w/ denim works ONLY if the fabric weight and colors are both different. Many celebs are trying to bring the look back as an uber-cool way to dress. You might be able to pull it it by your full-length mirror and see what happens. If you do wear it, I want a photo of you. Post it to my facebook fanpage!

    Glad you found some of the photos in this post amusing...just as long they aren't of us, LOL!

  3. Thanks for this post! It's a shame people have to be told to wear a more appropriate length of shorts, to hide their bra straps and not wear boots in the summer. Glad we have you to tell us how it is! :)

  4. Loved this! Ugh! Those bra straps that everyone's "wearing!" This reminded me, though, of when I was in college and Tony came to see his girlfriend. He had on a pair of almost-white khakis and was wearing white boxers underneath with large turquoise polka dots! Yes, you could see them quite well underneath those pants! LOL!

    1. Under white unlined pants or skirts, the best are the nude color panties. It is interesting to see that the shade of the summer collection of the brand I always purchase is darker than the winter collection.
      Not only the motifs but the lacy ones show: because of the relief..

  5. I agree with all your dos and donts!

    By the way, I really like your style, it's unique and I read your blog so often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥

    with love,

  6. Where I live mostpeople who show their bra-streps (or the back of the bras... just as bad) are more of the teen generation. I always wonder why their mothers are too busy to show them what is appropriate... My daughter will receive that lesson.

    Also, one thing I always wonder about is how people can wear a white top with a black bra... just as bad. Or a dark top and a white bra which is showing.

  7. Viv,

    So true, showing bra straps either on purpose or accidently is not really an issue for the teens. They don't seem to care about it or think of it as a faux pas at all.

    When I was raised the word 'undergarment' meant just that, LOL!

    The dark top w/ white bra OR white shirt w/ black bras was a "Sex in the City" thing Carrie Bradshaw did I think that may be the influence for SEEing ones bra!


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