Sunday, April 25, 2010

Motivated by Style!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we all say we want to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But are we really going to do what it takes to make it happen? To live a healthier lifestyle you need to include regular exercise. Everyone knows that. But the hardest part of exercising is getting started!

One way the best ways to get inspired to exercise is to start with cute and stylish exercise clothes! It really works. Replace those ugly baggy shirts and sweats for something bright and colorful! Your enthusiasm for better health will begin when you dress the part!

Here are some sassy style tips for your new healthier lifestyle:

Try wearing light layers to help slim your torso. First wear a body skimming exercise tank with shelf bra to minimize jiggles. Next, wear a slim fitting zip-up hoodie over the top. Leave the hoodie half-zipped up for a flattering V at the neckline. Such a cute style--and so figure-friendly too!

Wear a supportive bra even under your tanks and stylish tees. Nothing is more annoying than your bust bouncing to and fro while you exercise! Go for an extra layer of support and you’ll be able to exercise with confidence (which means you can workout harder)!

Choose body slimming colors and styles. Look for the perennial body slimming favorite color—BLACK. Black is so fabulous for hiding those “jiggly parts”! Select styles that have vertical lines down the sides of the pants and under the arms of the shirts--so slimming. Long workout pants will give you the longest line and are the best choice if your legs are heavy too.

Workout pants, crops and capris should be of a stretch fabric and a dark matte finish (avoid shiny fabrics). A boot-cut with a wide waist band will work for most body types.Invest in good quality workout pants--you'll be so glad you did!

For workout pants in cropped lengths, the best length is right below your knee—AVOID pants that stop at the widest part of your calf or crops that are too full and too long.Too long and too full--ADDS visual pounds ladies!!!

Now that you have some tips of how to look stylish while you work-out…I know you will make exercise part of your healthy routine!

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  1. Hooray, Leslie, I think I've got the right exercise gear according to your guidelines!

    And after much searching I even found a running jacket which goes over my bottom/hips but has a drawstring waist...great for my C shape :D

    Hope the weightlifting is going well!

  2. Exercise clothing is almost as hard for me as swimsuits! Any suggestions on brands with substantial fabrics (pants in particular) that "fit" but aren't too clingy? I'm in my 50's and my weight is okay, but time has just taken it's toll and too much spandex is just scary!

  3. I have seen Gap, Nike and Alo(my favorite brand) all in dark colors (especially black) in matte (non-shiny)thick-knit fabric that wicks.

    Try those brands and let me know how you do!

  4. Hi, Leslie,
    Sorry my comment has nothing to do with your post here, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


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