Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So dang cute...I just had to share!

So dang cute...I just had to share! I just purchased a pair of shoes I love, love love!
Since it was such a beautiful day...(see my picture of my backyard below to prove my point) I had to pause and share my shoes with you!

Last week when I was shopping with a client...and I spotted these dandy little gladiators. We were in Nordstrom's shoe department...and I couldn't help but notice a pair of gladiators out on display with both the left & right (not just the ONE shoe sample). Really, c'mon you couldn't help but notice them because they were in a BIG size. Kinda sticking out like a sore thumb. Ah, yes MY size! A size 10 out on display, go figure! Certainly after seeing all the size 6's or 7's out on display...it's really obvious when a size 10 is out! Of course one large pair of shoes on display means it's the LAST PAIR!

I don't normally shop for myself with a client...in fact that's a big "no-no"...it's HER day and it's all about her. However, I've been blessed to have many repeat clients and this was one of them. Since we were waiting on my shoe selection for her to be brought out from the back...I simply tried them on knowing I'd love them. Well, I ended up wearing them ALL day at the mall. It was rather funny, all day long various sales people commented on how "cute" my shoes were and asked where I got them. We had lots of laughs and ended up with lots of wonderful clothes to refresh her closet!Yes, my new "glads" are fabulous and I've worn them a lot since.

My hubby thinks I'm nuts (whose hubby doesn't think that of his wife?) wearing them almost everywhere we go (except the gym..but they might work for that too...). He was nice enough to take these pictures of my "fab" shoes so I could share with you. Actually, he saw me trying to snap a picture of my feet and decided he'd better help out, LOL!

Don't you just love this new tan color for spring...so neutral...and leg legthening! And how about the snazzy way they zip up? Got to love that too! Okay, rant about shoes is over now. Thanks for listening y'all! Feel free to share your fashion "fabs" with me! I love a good story about shoes!

Here is a link to MY shoes, in case you'd like a pair: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3067942?Category=&Search=True&SearchType=predictivesearch&keyword=nine+west&origin=searchresults


  1. Those shoes, with the zipper detail, are fabulous! They were calling your name!

    I'm on a quest for biking shoes, and yes my husband thinks I'm nuts too! I want cute shoes that aren't runners or skimmers to wear with dresses and skirts. In short, a multi- purpose shoe that's cute and functional, preferably with a small wedge. Hmmm, my husband may be right...

  2. Ditto what Sassy Jen said...that zipper detail is fab, you are out the door in no time!

    Enjoy! [Still wearing socks in c,c,cold Denmark! ;P ] xo

  3. Good luck w/ your shoe search Jen. I hope you find the right shoes for the job...thanks Jen & Diane for the "style validation" about the zipper detailing...I think they are pretty fab!And easy to put on, btw.

    I'm wearing them on Friday when I speak to a women's church group about style & spring trends. We'll see if anyone notices me sassy shoes ;)

  4. you know what? i've never, ever, ever liked this trend until these shoes on you.

    apparently you know what you're talkin' about, lady ;) thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Those shoes really are awesome, Leslie. :)

  6. Obviously those shoes were there waiting for YOU! I also wear a 10 and have NEVER seen 10's in a display. If I ever do I will figure its a Godbreeze sending me cute shoes.

  7. Yes, Lee Anne seeing a size 10 on display IS a Godbreeze and means you NEED to buy it. I told my DH just that & he understood ;)

  8. Those are fabulous shoes. Do they happen to run a little narrow? I wear Narrow/AA shoes and need a pair in that exact color. Could I get away with a 1/2 size smaller than usual - would they come close to fitting?

  9. Sandi these shoes are pretty true to size. I can stand and walk all day in them--very comfortable and I get lots of compliments when I'm wearing them.

    Yes, I agree a 1/2 size smaller might work if your feet are narrow.

    Let me know if you buy a pair!


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