Monday, April 5, 2010

Look Hot in White

 Not a size 6 but wondering if you can wear white pants and pull it off?

This warm weather dilemma haunts lots of women. Most women are afraid of white pants because they can show every bump and bulge and may be more of a “fashion faux pas” than a fashion “do”.

Lots of women cling to the color black like a security blanket (it is so slimming, you know) and can’t let go! Afraid to try something beside black bottoms? You are not alone.

I am a wondering if white pants will make me look even bigger? I am a bit overweight but I would love to wear white pants or shorts. With warmer weather on the way I’d love to know how to wear white and look good.

I am a body type D, by the way.

Thanks for your help, Sylvia

Dear Sylvia,

This question pops up every spring/summer!

White is a great color to wear in the warmer summer months. White is light, bright and contrasts nicely with black and every bright color: lime, fuchsia, royal blue, sunny yellow, etc.

YOU can wear white pants, no matter your size! It’s a matter of finding the right white pants for you. The fit and style must be right.

Here are some tips to get you looking fabulous in white pants:

  • Look for flat-front styles. NO PLEATS. Keep your style simple. Flat fronts keep you look smooth under all your shirts.

  • Thinner fabrics like linens, silks, rayon-blends should ALWAYS be lined.

  • The best choices for white pants/shorts are thicker fabrics. I like twills and a classic 5-pocket style. The thicker fabrics can give shape and structure to your shape.

  • Look for pants with wider waistbands. A wide waistband of at least one and a half inches and in a firmer fabric helps minimize and hold in a tummy.

  • White pants/shorts with side/slash pockets should be sewn shut. The “poofy” gaping pockets add attention and visual weight to your lower half!  Also remove pocket linings that show through. (They bring unwanted attention and you aren’t going to use your pockets anyways!)

  • Choose a boot-cut style to balance out a tummy or larger hip area. This style makes your white pants look ultra-slimming!

  • Last but not least…this is NOT the day to wear your underwear with the little pink flowers!!! DO NOT wear white underwear under white! This outlines your underwear—not a look you want! Wear underwear as close to your natural skin color that you can find. Consider a Spanx or other brand of panty shaper underneath for the smoothest look.

  • White capris look best when worn with a heeled sandal or wedge shoe...
Remember; wear your white pants with a strong contrasting color (mentioned above). Or, go monochromatic (all white from head-to-toe) then add a colorful chunky necklace (maybe a shell necklace?) + cute colorful sandals to complete your on-trend outfit.



  1. Great tips! I'm a C and love wearing my white skinny jeans under tunic tops and dresses. Also have a classic pair of flared white linen trousers. Can't wait for the weather to heat up...still only in the 40s and 50s here, brrr! :)

  2. I'm so glad you addressed the "white" issue. Living in Alabama, I rarely wear pants in the summer but I can apply the rules to skirts and shorts.

    BTW, I just read the this week's newsletter and can't wait for Thursday's article! I love seeing how you put together outfits from your closet, it is so inspiring. And, I wanted to let you know, I loved the quote you added from Coco Chanel in last week's article. I didn't even notice the typo because I was reading what you meant, not what you said. You are very gracious to everyone, Leslie. Thank you.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. Thanks so much Sherry...if you got this week's Chatter newsletter in the first batch that was sent might notice my "subliminal" message...yup, another "typo" in my answer to her,LOL!SIGH...

    If you got the re-sent Chatter newsletter this morning...I fixed it. Emails were sent twice due to system errors with the delivery process...long story short, they were NOT going out!

    Enjoy your week & WEAR WHITE!! Woo Hoo!


  4. I don't know if my last comment went through (error!). I gave your blog an award:
    I hope I get the honor of being the first to award your awesome blog!!

  5. I finally found white pants after many try-on sessions on Monday. It must have been over 30 pairs in the week to find "the one"! Traveling to the city involves power shopping and for the first time I almost didn't make it through. In the end it was good old Sears and Value Village that had the goods.

    I'm thinking gold sandals or nude coloured shoes with the white pants. Or perhaps a light snake print shoe would also work. What do you think?

  6. Sassy Jen,

    Way to hang in there and insist on getting a great fitting pair! So worth it in the long run.

    I like your idea of wearing all 3 shoe colors w/ the white pants. The snake skin would be a dressier looking option for sure.

    Glad you are following my fellow fashionista!

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