Saturday, June 2, 2012

Too much 'mix and match' creates a big mess!

That's right. Too much 'mix and match' creates a big mess!

Dressing is like cooking. If you continually shop and buy clothes 'just because' and without a plan, then you are just wasting money. You'll never have a really terrific wardrobe because you have not planned out a basic wardrobe or invested in essential wardrobe items.

It's like having random ingredients and you want to bake something. The problem is you don't have the RIGHT ingredients...therefore you can make NOTHING!!! 

STOP buying so many cute trendy items just because they are on clearance!!!!

You only need one or two dresses like this....

(photo: Nordstrom)

Your money is better spent on several dresses like this...(you can wear it more often)

Of course a classic dress style in a pretty color never hurts!

All the odds and ends, mix and match items...don't add up to much! It's the basic wardrobe that allows you create that fantastic wardrobe you desire.

Need help creating a basic wardrobe? Try one of my Personal Profiles at MissusSmartyPants and learn how to create that wardrobe you desire. Learn to dress based upon your body shape + get my list of 'Wardrobe Basics'.

Love, Leslie


  1. I agree! Unfortunately, I was one of those shoppers, who just chose pieces because they were "cute" and didn't consider how well they would fit into my existing wardrobe.
    It is because of blogs like yours, that I've been reading over the past year, that the message has gotten through to me. I find it much easier to get dressed every day now!

    Thank You!!!!!

  2. That's so nice to hear Lisa! Don't feel bad about not knowing sooner how bad impulse purchases mess up your wardrobe. Think of all the time ahead for you to build and enjoy a truly fabulous wardrobe!

  3. With my closet purged, I can now see what I need a lot better, so it's a lot easier to leave the "mix and mess" garments on the clearance rack to bless someone else. Shopping is so much more efficient when I know what I'm looking for! Thanks, MissusSmartyPants!

    Cathy in BC

  4. Yes, Cathy...often what ends up happening is we simply transfer the 'mix and mess' to our closets AND it costs us money!!!

    I love hearing that your time is better off spent somewhere else and you are more efficient now that you know what you need...and what you don't!

  5. Hey, Leslie! Like your photo above,I'm happy to report that I finally found a classic LBD in a pretty color! Been searching for a long time. Went to the Nordy's sale in Cleveland last week and found a lovely purple Eileen Fisher a-line jersey with a v-neck asymmetrical hem. It fits just right and I can dress it up for Gina's rehearsal dinner in July or down for the bridal shower in two weeks. Only problem is, it was NOT on sale. (LOL) Hope all is well, Marta

  6. Marta,

    Your dress sounds really pretty! I can imagine that purple color on you. Good choice. I'll bet you are getting excited about Gina's wedding. How exciting!

    Please email me a picture of you in it (once the festivities calm down a bit). All the best to you and your family!

    Love, Leslie


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