Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When in doubt, wear a dress!

Yesterday I didn't plan anything I was going to wear. I stood in my closet and decided to go with 'Plan B'...

Plan B is anything that seems like it will work because you can't think or make something else work. Doesn't that sound like everyday life?

So 'Plan B' was when in doubt, wear a dress day! Here is what I wore:

How do you deal with your 'what should I wear today' dilemma?


  1. Before I found you, it would have been shleppy jeans and a T-shirt. But now it's fashion jeans (NYDJ) in the petite sizes that actually fit me, and a nice shirt or top. My accessories & shoes used to match the colors of my clothing but you gave me the confidence to choose a contrasting color that makes both colors pop! Thank you!

  2. Cute top and skirt are my go-to's, especially during the warm weather (even around the house). Throw on the cute accessories and shoes, and I'm ready to go out. My husband sure likes it!

    I never used to wear skirts or dresses anywhere other than church or special occasions. Thanks to you, that has changed.


  3. Plan B is a necklace or earrings for me. They really bring an outfit from drab to fab for me. I'm normally putting them over a basic shirt and pants.


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