Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Closet Makeover or a Closet Makeunder?

What does the inside of your closet look like right now?

Does your closet need a makeover or a closet makeunder? 

Has your closet become more of a storage area than the place you keep the clothes you actually wear? 

What crazy thing do you admit to hiding in your closet right now...c'mon and share it with us!

What is the current condition of your closet? Organized, not too bad, or desperately in need a of a closet makeunder?


  1. My side of the closet is barren and sparsely populated. Haven't had the money in years to fill in the blanks so it's gradually emptied out on its own.That said...yes, there are some things that probably could go. Certainly it is not crowded and everything that is there is easy to find, so I'm at a good jumping-off point. Keep in mind that I've been a flybaby for well over a decade, so clutter isn't really something we get a lot of here!

  2. I had a habit of pretty much buying anything I liked if it cost less than $50 and things came in and went out like flowing water. I'm not working anymore so I went through the closet and weeded out everything that didn't work "for" me. Even if I really liked it. I had stuff with tags on it! Some of it could be returned and I gave away bags of clothes and shoes. I still have to get rid of most of my suits and business wear. But everything that's left is pretty much functional and attractive and flexible. I will only fill in the gaps with a PLAN. Thank you MSP.

  3. When I went through mine I found size 16 dress pants and I now wear a 12. Getting better but when I find something I like it doesn't have the color choices. I am going to get Sweeie to put a lower bar in my closet I am relly enjoying your profile articles and I have many things I can mix together now. Thank you!

  4. considering i just switched sides of the closet with dh, its looking pretty spiffy at the moment, and since i took out all the maternity clothes and replaced them with nursing stuff (or stuff i can nurse in even if its not "official" nursing clothing) went through my shoes too. now i just need to go sell my soul to the devil for more money to fill in the gaps. :)

  5. I suffered a back injury in Jan. Now I have clothes from 4-14in there. It's crowded. Prior, I would listen to you and bless someone with the 4s. Now, I know I will wear them again. I am going to view my upcoming weight loss like someone needs these really cute size 14 pants...I still dress nicely even in this temporary setback. I am even taking a sewing class to hold on to some great pieces.

  6. I need to go through my closet and try on things to see what still fits and what needs to go. I've planned to send my stuff to a consignment shop, since all of it is still in good condition, since it hasn't gotten much wear. Obviously, if it's not in top shape, I'm either going to give it away, if it's still wearable, or throw it out, if not.

    I need to do this, soon, though. Then I'll try to find a consignment or thrift store that has items in my size so I can purchase clothes for little money, until I either lose weight, or my weight stabilizes, whatever comes first ... ah, the vagaries of being a post-menopausal woman!

  7. Getting things organized if you have a wide closet is not as difficult as to having a simple one because you have to maximize all the given are for your clothes and shoes. This is where customized closets Bergen come to mind for you get to put many items in them even if you do not have much space.


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