Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's your favorite shoe style right now?

So many little time! LOL!

Shoes have a way of dressing up or down whatever we are wearing. They are powerful little things, aren't they? Depending upon how dressy or casual our shoe choice is ... the vibe of our outfit changes completely. 

Right now, I'm loving my orange wedge sandals (below) because even though they are a bright color...they seem to go with everything in my warm season wardrobe. 

What are your favorite shoe styles right now...and why?


  1. I absolutely adore Mary Jane pumps. I can't get enough of them. Just found a pair of beautiful, bright ocean blue, patent Liz Claiborne mary jane pumps at T.J. Maxx on clearance for $29.00. They are surprisingly versatile and comfortable.

  2. I'm in shoe limbo. My favorite pair of shoes are my Dansko clogs (don't judge me!) - they're sandals with a platform and heel, and they look good and are very comfortable, surprisingly so, for a shoe with a heel. The only problem is that I have edema in my left foot lately, so I have to worry about whether they will fit me or not this year. My other favorite shoes are my Chaco sandals, they're very comfortable and adjustable.

    I need a good, supportive, walking shoe, though.

  3. Lisa,

    Your bargain buy of bright blue Liz Claiborne sound wonderful. Isn't crazy how often you can wear a bright colored shoe?


    I'm not judging (well kinda...but you know I'm nice).
    I do hope you find a comfy walking shoe you adore. Sometimes it just takes awhile!

  4. I found the "perfect" casual summer sandal a few weeks ago and I've worn them so many times already! The brand is Air Supply Plus and they're sold at Shoe Dept. They're beige flats (3/4" heel), and they feel like a house slipper. They're strappy and have a fancy brushed silver button which makes them dressy enough to wear with my skirts. I'm so happy to have found the shoe I've been looking for every summer for years! Now if I could only be as lucky at finding the "perfect" fall/ winter shoe to wear with skirts next season. :)


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