Friday, May 11, 2012

Great style begins by dressing for YOUR silhouette

You've heard me say this a gazillion times, "Great style begins by dressing for your body type"...

What do you mean, 'dress for your body type'? No matter your current size (either up or down) your body shape or silhouette you are born with will always remain the same. By wearing the right clothes for your shape--you will have learned how to embrace timeless style!

When you know what proportions and styles are your best, no matter the current season or trends you will be able to spot exactly what's going to work for you season after season. It doesn't matter which trends come or go, by dressing for your body type--you will always be able to select your best looks--and leave the rest on the racks.

Love, Leslie

Please check out my website if you need help dressing for your body shape.


  1. I agree with this -- and I'm a subscriber to your program -- unfortunately, the models used in the ads are most definitely NOT MY body type and so it's been frustrating to try on allegedly flattering clothes to find they don't look good on me at all!

  2. I wish more websites used models that reflected real body types...but it's all about using ONE model and putting her in everything (not always the best option) and this is not very helpful visually.

    It's all about wearing what's best for your body type. Brenda I'll try to use as many visual pictures as I can. Trying to figure out how to do this..maybe hire Elle full-time?


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Love, Leslie

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