Saturday, May 19, 2012

What are you still missing?

The number one reason you stand in front of your way-too-full closet in the morning and exclaim, “I have nothing to wear” is because you still are MISSING key pieces!
What are you still missing???

By not having the necessary key pieces (wardrobe basics) you’ll continually stress out with a “what to wear” dilemma every time you open your closet. Who needs added stress to start their day?

For example...Have you ever purchased the “perfect” shirt at the mall only to come home and find you have nothing to match it? If so, your closet is still missing what you really need and you keep purchasing 'quick fixes' for your wardrobe. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out what you really need in your closet so each morning (or evening) when you set out your clothes--it’s like shopping in a stylish boutique!

The majority of your clothing should mix and match—or not hang in your closet at all. The only exceptions should be special occasion clothing (you hopefully have hanging in the back or another closet).

“Do I wear this—ever?”

If not, why is it STILL in your closet?

Your clothes should pay YOU rent! Since closets are usually smaller than we would like, keeping clothes in there that aren’t being worn is silly and takes up valuable real estate. Give them the boot or have them pay you rent, lol! PURGE unworn items so you can organize what you DO wear and start a list of things you still need.

“What to have in your closet” (3 main clothing categories)

1. The Basics: I can’t stress enough how vital your basic pieces are! They are your foundation for everyday dressing. They need to fit well and make you feel like a million bucks when you wear them. Have your basics altered for proper fit as needed.

Must-have Basics include:
__Classic dark wash jeans

__Flat-front pants

__A-line skirt (dark solid color)

__Pencil skirt

__Sheath dress

__Button-down blouses

__Classic tees

__Denim jacket

__Classic pumps

__V-neck sweaters

A v-neck sweater can be dressed up or down...
 2. Dependable Extras: These garments always work! They are your favorite “go to” pieces when you need to feel confident and you’re not sure what else to wear. You trust their fit, color and style. They are true investment pieces that have earned their keep in your closet over time.

Dependable extras include: __Classic blazer

__Cashmere v-neck sweater

__Timeless LBD

__Trench coat

__Pencil skirt

__Gabardine wool trousers

Little Black Dress, LBD (can be any neutral color, simple design)

(comes in purple too!)

A 'LBD' is like a blank canvas...

3. Sassy Stuff: These are the “fun” pieces you wear to “Show Your Style” SYSter! They may be a classic item or a trendy piece. They are the right accessories and seasonal updates that distinguish your sense of style from the masses.

Sassy Stuff includes:
__Long strand of pearls (can be worn multiple of ways)

__Chanel-like scarf

__Michael Kors handbag (any classic designer bag)

__Cole Haan pumps

A quality, classic shoe is an investment you will wear over and over again...

EACH SEASON ADD...Trendy style makers like:
 __Tribal inspired bangles

__Statement necklaces

__Floral print skirt/or trendy dress

__Metallic flats (or bright-colored ones)

__Patent leather belt (extra wide/skinny/or animal print)

__Sheer georgette ruffle blouse

Start with your Basics list and then go from there. I promise you will have more peace in the morning and start each day with a positive attitude PLUS fabulous style!
Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

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