Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From Bikes to Dresses...

I do love being a 'girly' girl, but I'm not always that way. Yes, I like to dress up and mix things around in my wardrobe, plus try out a new accessory or two, etc....but I also like playing in the dirt. Hopefully not my whole body in the dirt, but getting out on my mountain bike. Biking never gets old or less challenging.

On Mother's Day morning before the massive rains came down... I went mountain bike riding and had a blast. I went to the 'hard' course that's pretty technical and makes me nervous if I think about it too much. All went well. I didn't end up IN the dirt or even graze a tree!

After biking, I came home, cleaned up (read: showered) then went out to lunch. And just to prove to others and myself what a 'girl' I am...I wore a DRESS!

Of course I wore a DRESS for my lunch date...

Do you wear clothes that make you feel like you have several personalities?  
Like dressing for work or a big presentation, would you dress differently?


  1. Absolutely! I go horseriding, so I wear jodphurs and boots for that, but I like to wear dresses and skirts for church and around the house. Then I dress really corporately for a job meeting - when the weather isn't freezing like it is now.

  2. I was at a campsite at the beach and changed into colored Jeans and a matching lacy top and statement earrings go out to dinner. A few minutes with hair brush, hand dryer and travel hairspray had my friend remark that she "didn't know you brought your hair stylist with you."

  3. It's fun to rough it up sometimes, but it sounds like most women like to dress like a lady more! I always feel my best when I'm dress up and more feminine too.


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