Monday, May 7, 2012

A Weekend of Celebration

Last weekend was one I had been anticipating for more than four years...

My youngest son graduated from college and commissioned in the Army!

What will it be like to have our youngest son finally all done and graduated from college? Final payments made to the school and now he's ready to move out and be on his own!

Will I be sad and empty or ready to celebrate MY new sense of freedom? I'm still not yet sure how I feel about it all. But what I do know is that since I became a 'mom' at the tender age of twenty, I've been doing this 'mom' thing for over thirty years now--and that's a long time! Sometimes I think I missed out on being a young adult before I had my kids. But then I talk to one of my adult children and I count my blessings in life all over again! They are wonderful young men and I could not be prouder to be their mom! Thank you sons (I love you)!

Time has a way of flying by. Sure there will be regrets and some sadness for my loss as I close this chapter on 'parenting' but I have to say I feel more joy and happiness because I know this young man is going to choose good things in his life. I can't wait to see what he does.

We spent time together as a family attending quite a few of the festivities and as well as some time at the beach. I even got in a bit of shopping....I'll post more photos later this week!

Love, Leslie


  1. Congrats Leslie and to your son as well.. My THREE sons are all grown, my baby is 29 !!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!... but the "parenting" never stops, so have no fear. The husband and I are enjoying our time now, but I still miss the days when they were home and I knew more about what was going on with them.... anyway, I will quit rambling.. Congrats again.. and Yay! to family time!


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Love, Leslie

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