Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trying not to be boring in beige

I don't wear much beige. Some light neutral shades tend to wash me out, while others seem to highlight my light coloring. Both of these neutral pieces I normally wear with something more colorful.

However, with our recent delightful warm weather I felt like dressing up a bit. This is what I wore yesterday and I felt comfortable yet stylish in all beige.

Beige is not normally my 'feel good' color...but yesterday it seemed to be working!

Beige normally seems a bit boring...but I was pleasantly surprised with this outfit.
What's your 'go to' or feel good color you love to wear?


  1. The skirt is adorable!
    I like long as it's balanced with some color near my face.

    My 'go to' color is chocolate. I always feel pretty in it!

  2. I always feel good in blue or red. Biege on it's own drains the life out of my skin. That outfit looks really good. Maybe the white shirt is acting as a "color" for the outfit so it balances the biege.

  3. I think an all-beige outfit looks very classy, as does yours. I feel very good in pinks but I get the most compliments when I wear blues. (I'm a summer.)

  4. =) If you put beige on me, I disappear; apparently, I am beige. My happy color is red. LOVE it. So energizing.

  5. Good point asweetp! Since the shirt is a bit more cream than it is's doesn't wash me out.

    I'd say my happy colors are blues and reds (even though I don't own that much red)...

  6. I love beige- and I LOVE this outfit! Super cute skirt =)

  7. I really love that outfit, Leslie! I think the light colors of the shirt and the skirt work with your skin tone, not against it, and the scarf provides contrast. Often, blondes look good in beiges and tans, but they have to be the right shades.

    Colors that look good on me tend to be blues, deep pinks or rose colors (not Pepto-Pink), tans, ivory and white. I also like black, gray and navy as neutrals. Thanks to Leslie-MSP's seasonal color system, I know what colors look good on me! (I'm a summer.)

    1. Thanks Edith!

      I was reading the colors you like wearing and all along in my head I was thinking (Summer colors!)...then you said you have been typed as a Summer, LOL!


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