Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 Reasons to Closet Purge

Seeing this first thing is the morning is not a good way to start your day...
 1) Size Matters. Too big or too small (Are you waiting to be that size again?) Dress for NOW! If it doesn't fit, purge it!

 2) Not Fitting In. It fits poorly. Maybe you could wear it if it didn't pucker or if it was let out a little. Either take it to a tailor, or purge it!

 3) The Dating Game. Clothes Outdated? If and when those archaic styles come back into fashion, be assured new colors and fabrics will be used by the current designers. (Besides, did you really want to wear that style again?)

 4) True Colors. It's a bad color for you. Every time you put it on you get asked if you feel alright. Truth is you don't look good in it and it just sits in your know what to do with it. Purge it!

 5) Hated It! You never liked it. Reason enough! Go ahead and purge it because it's taking up precious closet space. Allow someone else the chance to love it - give it to charity.

My promise to you. Having a closet with only clothes you love and wear will energize you like nothing else! The best part's like magic. Magically you will find you have MORE to wear! Try it and see.

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An organized closet will give your daily life, less stress + more peace...

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  1. Once again the Leslie MSP reads my mind and knows what I have to do, LOL! It's that time of year again!


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